5 Moments of Laura Anna’s Struggle to Recover from Paralysis, Makes You Touch : Okezone Celebrity

DEPARTURE Edelenyi Laura Anna is deeply saddened by her family and society in Indonesia. Laura Anna is said to be a female warrior figure who fights the pain of an accident with Gaga Muhammad.

Laura Anna had to be paralyzed after an accident two years ago with her ex-lover. His luxury car was destroyed and Laura Anna was paralyzed.

Lora, the celebgram was diagnosed with spinal cord injury and had to undergo physiotherapy until the end of her life. On Instagram edlnlaura, this beautiful YouTuber also shared many moments when she was in physiotherapy until she was struggling to recover from her paralysis.

written Okayzone Wednesday (15/12/2021), here are five moments of struggle when paralyzed and struggling to recover until Laura Anna finally died.


Laura Anna had to undergo physiotherapy for the rest of her life. Luckily he met a kind therapist and doctor. He also uploaded a photo of him sitting in a wheelchair while visiting the hospital.

“🤍🤍 thank you for being very patient Physiotherapy with me who likes to weld and is lazy HAHAHAHAH, ask for a massage and then his shoulders are sore” wakkk🥲🤕❤️❤️❤️ Btw my clothes from @_.loolastudio are the most comfortable 😊,” wrote Lora.

Always endure pain

laura anna

Lora struggles hard with what she has suffered in her life. Laura is very strong with what she faces. Almost every day he goes to physiotherapy to achieve recovery.

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“Honestly, I never imagined that when I was 20 years old, I would go to a place where I was normal, I didn’t know there was HAHAHAHAH… it’s just so fun to endure the pain and bear the burden and it turns out that it’s not that painful, it’s not that burden if we sincerely ️❤️✨🌈 just be strong, just be strong, then it’s too late and it ends, how come this is also called life, don’t lose it • If you ask me how much it hurts from 1 -10, how much is 13, but it’s okay, face, ” he added.

Struggling to recover in the hospital

laura anna

Laura took a long time to do a series of treatments to get well soon. While in the hospital, family and friends were loyal to accompany. He was also prayed for by his nephew while lying on the hospital bed.

“Petra’s prayer for Laura, I hope you can buy toys, new toys, new food, you can go now 😂🙆🏻‍♀️🌈❤️✨🦖 #aamiin #yukbisayuklau ❤️🧡💚💛💙,” he said sadly

Celebrate birthday with friends

laura anna

Lora is a woman who is strong in facing fate. In his 20s he had to endure pain and could not carry out his usual activities. After being paralyzed after an accident, Lora could only lie in bed. Until her birthday arrives, Lora gets a surprise from her friends in her bedroom.

“When the weather’s good i grow, when the weather’s bad i’ll grow t00🌻🌈💫! Happy birthday to myself thank you for being very strong even though it’s actually km cengeng !! Be patient a little longer even though it’s been a long time and even tho its so heavy huhu !! but at least you’re learning and growing lora 2.0 love you alot🌈🙆🏻‍♀️✨. ” he said.

Visited by Gaga Muhammad

laura anna

Lora had to be paralyzed and was hospitalized for a long time. Meanwhile, Gaga Muhammad was still loyal to accompany her. When Gga Muhammad visited, Lora seemed to ask for an answer. Even that moment seems to have happened a year after the accident.

“Responsibility, please pay also. It’s been more than a year, there’s not a penny to be helped,” said Laura.