5 Oscar Isaac Looks Perfect To See You Calm On A First Date

There was a time when first date —And everything that goes with it— men dressed up in the best suit in their closet, ironed the most elegant shirt they had, got a matching tie ready, polished their shoes, and bought a bouquet of flowers. It was then that they went with nerves and expectations, in addition to a very well arranged hair and a neck drenched in cologne, to their meeting place. Surely you put all this photography to music in your head with some romantic ballad from the 50s, a bolero or one of those songs that the Everly Brothers performed.

Today things are different.

Of course we want to make a good impression. It is clear that we need to show that we are the best game around. But the standards have changed and no one expects you to show up on their doorstep dressed like you’re going to graduation anymore. Now in a first date The confidence you have in speaking, the loyalty you show with your own style, and the authenticity of your thoughts are much more appreciated. Besides, of course, that you have a fine sense of fashion. Of personal grooming.

It is obvious that you should never, ever wear a pair of sweatpants or some dirty tennis shoes for an outing that has every intention of turning romantic. However, there are garments much more relaxed than a suit or formal shirt that you need to consider when it comes to looks for a date.

And precisely to exemplify all that DOES have an opportunity in your wardrobe to go out for the first time with that someone who could become your happily ever after: Mr. Oscar Isaac. A laid-back, straightforward guy who knows how to play cards in his favor and who always achieves strong looks.

Without inconvenience

Extra tip: make sure everything is the correct size.

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The calmest of all. All you need is a white t-shirt – not sweat stains or tears, please – a short-sleeved shirt, black jeans, and black shoes that you’ve made sure to clean. It is very important that the shirt is made of a satin fabric, that it gives the impression of being expensive and that it has some fun graphics. This will make you look good without making you look too serious. As for footwear: never go anywhere with it if it’s dirty. Not one appointment nor to your work.

All in black

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And this is not only achieved with a jacket and a boring pair of shoes. You can wear a denim jacket – this trucker It’s one of the basic must-haves — a polka dot shirt and Chelsea boots. The best thing about this style is that it is very presentable, it will make you look interesting, it will add inches to your height – because of the Cuban heel of your footwear – and it will not look presumptuous.

Good boy

Classic, but keeping it cool.

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Okay. You feel the need to look a little more groomed than usual. Take a gray tailored pants, shine your faithful black shoes, put on a basic t-shirt, add a navy blue sweater and remove your chain from the bottom. Basic, but deadly. Bringing a small jewelry detail will make a difference and not wearing jeans will be something memorable.

A basic that never fails

To the safe. Just take care that everything is clean and in good condition.

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For one first date you need to look cool. As if nothing worries you. For that, you need a leather bomber jacket in brown, a black shirt – even though you have been told for years that you shouldn’t combine these colors – your favorite jeans and shoes in suede.

A final variant of the styles above


Take your black jeans, your black shirt that always accompanies you, the denim jacket that we already told you and your simple chain around your neck, but now add some brown shoes. A blunt and very effective look to see you fixed in a matter of seconds.