5 Recommendations for Indonesian Comedy Films, Guaranteed to Make You Laugh: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – There are many ways to entertain yourself in between the busyness of everyday activities. One of them by watching comedy films.

Comedy genre films are usually the right alternative to relieve fatigue. The storyline and the hilarious acting of the players are guaranteed to make your stomach churn.

Here we present 5 recommendations for Indonesian comedy films that are fun to watch.

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1. My Stupid Boss (2016)

This comedy film received 6 nominations at the 2016 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) and won three of them. One of them is Reza Rahadian’s Best Leading Actor.

This work by director Upi Avianto presents a story about the relationship between an employee and his boss who behaves miraculously. Reza Rahadian’s appearance as the boss and far from his handsome face which is usually also an interesting point.

2. Comic 8: Casino Kings Part 1 (2015)

Comic 8

The work of director Anggi Umbara is not inferior to Hollywood comedy films. Tells the mission of 8 secret agents led by Indro Warkop.

They are looking for a comic who becomes a liaison to a money crime master named The King. This film is even more hilarious because it stars comedians, including Arie Kriting, Babe Cabita, and Ernest Prakasa.

3. The New Rich (2018)

New rich people

This film tells the story of a family with a mediocre economy who still lives compactly in the midst of limitations. Their lives changed after their father died.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that his father has been hiding his wealth all this time. The work of director Ody C Harahap stars Lukman Sardi, Raline Shah, Cut Mini, Derby Romero, and Fatih Unru.

4. Get Married (2017)

Get Merried

Nirina Zubir won the Favorite Actress award for this comedy-drama film at the 2008 Indonesian Movie Awards. She plays Mae, a super tomboyish woman who is pressured by her parents to get a mate.

In the end, Mae falls in love with Rendy (Richard Kevin), a handsome man who is also being chased by his mother looking for a mate. The storyline is colored by the hilarious behavior of Mae’s friends, Eman (Aming), Beni (Ringgo Agus), and Guntoro (Desta).

5. Laundry Show (2019)

Laundry Show

This comedy film is based on a novel by Uki Lukas. Tells about Uki who chooses to leave his job and is determined to open a laundry business.

During starting the business, Uki was faced with many problems, ranging from employees to competition from other business people. Starring Boy William, Gisella Anastasia, Aming, and Opie Mustache.