5 series to watch if you loved Squid Game

You have seen Squid Game ? You have loved Squid Game ? Now you want more series like Squid Game ? Here are some recommendations you might like!

Since arriving on Netflix in September 2021, Squid Game is a real cardboard box. On the program: a polished aesthetic, childish games made excessively violent, many deaths and a great mystery. Here are the ingredients of a recipe that has conquered the whole world.

But now that that first season is over, fans want more! When will a season 2 come? Especially since the end of the series clearly opens the possibility of a sequel. But for his showrunner, Hwang Dong-hyuk, it’s not in the pipeline yet. Not only does he not know what could be made of this sequel to Squid Game, but in addition, it took him a long time to design this project: he had been working on it since 2008.

So before he puts together a second season, here are 5 series you might like if you loved it Squid Game.

Alice in Borderland: the Japanese cousin

Before going out Squid Game, Netflix has definitely led the way with Alice in Borderland in December 2020. A Japanese series in which young people find themselves caught up in an alternative version of Tokyo, completely emptied of its population, to participate in a series of games. Each part allows them to increase their life expectancy. And when the latter drops to zero, a laser beam falls from the sky and kills them.

As in Squid Game, there are games that are sometimes well known to children (hide and seek, cat …), sometimes others which are based on logic or emotions. Always with the same common denominator: death in case of defeat. And of course, in addition to games and simple survival, there remains a mystery to be unraveled: why and how were they forced to participate in this terrible adventure?

Find season 1 of the series Alice in Borderland on Netflix, available as an option from SFR.

3%: play to get by

No, we have no plans to stay on the Asian continent. The proof, with 3%, a daring series that comes straight from Brazil. The story takes place in a dystopian society. While the world has been greatly destroyed, the population is split into two parts: the poor and the rich, nicknamed “islanders”.

What does this have to do with Squid Game ? We come there. The poor part of the population is not necessarily doomed to remain so. When the latter are in the year of their 20th birthday, they can participate in a series of events. If they succeed, they can go and live on an island with the richest. But they will only be 3% to success. As in the Korean series, there are big winners, but also losers.

Seasons 1 to 4 of 3% are available on Netflix. As a reminder, the platform is available with SFR from € 8.99 per month.

Re:Mind : la version escape game

Return to South Korea, with a show that we unearth of the year 2017, Re:Mind. You may have never heard of this series? No wonder it was canceled after the first season. But if you loved it Squid Game, it’s a shame to let it pass without taking an interest in it.

Re: Mind, a strange Korean drama to be found on Netflix
Re: Mind, a strange Korean drama to be found on Netflix © Netflix

In Re:Mind, we find a group of high school girls who mysteriously wakes up in a sumptuous dining room. The problem is, they don’t really know what they’re doing there. But above all, their feet are stuck in a strange mechanism and they do not know how to escape. In this Squid Game version escape game a bit scary, they will have to do everything to get out of this strange place and try to understand what is happening.

The 10 episodes of season 1 of Re:Mind are available on Netflix.

The Purge: only once a year

If it’s the rough side of the formwork, the panting side and gratuitous violence that interests you in Squid Game, then you will inevitably find your happiness with The Purge. Inspired by films of the same name, the series looks at a very particular tradition in an alternative American society: an annual night during which no law exists.

From then on, anything is possible. Citizens can steal, loot, kill, there is absolutely no limit. And you, if you were there, what would you do? Would you participate in this massacre or would you stay holed up in your home in the hope of overcoming this terrible “national holiday” which takes place once a year?

Sweet Home: the most supernatural

Non, Sweet Home is not a spin-off of The art of storage with Marie Kondo. Because the house of this South Korean series is not really “sweet”. In this supernatural show, we follow an orphaned high school student, Hyeon-soo, who moves into a rather special building.

And when you are told special enough, you are not talking about redundant water leaks, an inflexible landlord, or overly loud neighbors. No, it’s much worse than that: all the inhabitants of this building turn into terrible monsters. This is what makes a neighborhood atypical to say the least. And like the others, Hyeon-soo will try to survive … If possible …

Season 1 of Sweet Home is available on Netflix with SFR. And season 2 of the series should not normally be long in arriving on the streaming platform!

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