5 Unique Facts about Mbak Lala, Raffi Ahmad’s Babysitter, Number 4 Make Office Employees jealous of their salary : Okezone Celebrity

WHO who doesn’t know this babysitter Rafathar and baby Rayyanza? Yes, the daily life of Shela Lala or who is familiarly called Mbak Lala as a baby sitter for the sultan of Andara is always interesting to follow.

Although his work is often underestimated, now he is able to show his success. Then what about the lives of the two children’s caregivers who are currently being discussed? Let’s look at the following series of facts, Ms. Lala.

1. Have 1.4 million Followers

His loyalty to Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina was apparently able to make him successful in becoming a celebrity on social media.

Who would have thought that his overseas travel from Lampung would bring him to be known by many Indonesians. Mbak Lala’s Instagram account, @shela_lala96 has even been officially verified with a total of more than 1.4 million followers, you know. Now, the 25-year-old woman receives a lot of endorsements with fantastic income.

2. Invited on vacation to various countries until Umrah


Not only did Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina succeed in pursuing a more successful career, apparently they never left Mbak Lala while on vacation abroad.

A while ago, when the Rans Entertainment Team was traveling around the world, Mbak Lala seemed loyal to accompany her boss, you know. Not only that, one of his dreams for Umrah was achieved because of his two bosses. Through her Instagram account, Lala looks happy wearing Umrah clothes next to Raffi and Nagita.

3. 6 years working with Raffi-Nagita

Yes, since Rafathar was a baby, Mbak Lala has been in charge of taking care of him. No wonder Rafathar looked so close to him. Now his duties are increasing with the presence of Rayyanza.

4. Endorse income exceeds basic salary

The number of her Instagram followers certainly brings rupiah coffers to Lala. But interestingly, a few moments ago through the Rans Entertainment Youtube channel, Raffi revealed Lala’s income, you know. According to Raffi’s statement, Lala’s basic salary is even lower than her income on Instagram.

“The endorsement salary is bigger than the real salary,” said Raffi Ahmad.

5. Selling perfume, you know

Mbak Lala also seems to have learned a lot from Nagita and Raffi, who have had a lot of success in running their businesses.

Since March 2021, Shela Lala has apparently started her perfume business called Lala Perfume Noir, you know. His products have even been followed by thousands of followers on Instagram. Very cool, yes!