5 Wedding Portraits of Vidi Aldiano and Sheila Dara, Number 3 Most Tense : Okezone Celebrity

SEE Aldiano and Sheila Dara officially became husband and wife. The following are a series of facts and portraits of their wedding which was held on Saturday (15/1/2022).

The wedding of Vidi Aldiano and Sheila Dara has a Sundanese traditional concept. Vidi-Sheila’s wedding ceremony was held around Kebayoran Baru.

Here are five photos of their wedding which took place sacredly, summarized by Okezone in full.

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Seconds of the wedding ceremony

Vidi Aldiano’s bridal aura radiated happily at the moment of his wedding. Before the marriage ceremony, Vidi was escorted by his father and mother, Harry Kiss and Besbarini to the headmaster’s table and also met his wife Sheila Dara.

Sheila Dara’s bridal portrait

vidi aldiano's wedding

Sheila Dara looks perfectly beautiful on her happy day. As a bride, of course Sheila Dara wants to look perfectly beautiful. Evidently, with the Sunda Siger traditional wedding dress, Sheila Dara’s beautiful aura radiates even more.

The atmosphere of acceptance

vidi aldiano's wedding

The moment of consent for Vidi Aldiano and Sheila Dara took place solemnly. Vidi looked relaxed as he was about to give the consent in front of Sheila Dara, Rasjwardi Tanjung and the head of the KUA Kebayoran Baru District, Drs H Edi Herwanto.

“Vidi Aldiano agreed to accept the agreement in front of the head of the KUA Kebayoran Baru District, Drs H Edi Herwanto. Sheila Dara’s father also married his daughter to the Nuansa Bening singer.

“I married Ananda Oxavia Aldiano bin Hari Aprianto and married my daughter Sheila Dara Aisha binti Raswardi Tanjung to you with a sum of USD 1,000 and 501 pounds, cash,” said Sheila Dara’s father.

“I accept his marriage and his marriage to Sheila Dara Aisha binti Razwardi Tanjung, with the maskawin, cash,” replied Vidi Aldiano in front of the chief.

The wedding ceremony was held with the concept of Sundanese custom. Sheila Dara performed manglingi wearing a Sundanese siger. Safe!

Happiness expression

vidi aldiano's wedding

After the consent procession, both of them seemed to laugh out loud. This moment was a success, especially when Sheila Dara finally got married to her beloved lover. Who would have thought, they have been dating since 2016 and early 2022 was the sacred moment of their marriage to navigate the ark of the household.

Show off your wedding ring and marriage book

vidi aldiano's wedding

Sheila Dara, who was dressed as a Sunda Siger traditional bride, was so sweet side by side with the singer of Nuansa Bening. They also show off their wedding rings and marriage books. Safe!