A big YouTuber launches Squid Game in real life, with a booty, because the series has obviously taught us nothing

In front of the enthusiasm of the world for the Squid Game series, the YouTuber MrBeast reproduced the game in real conditions, with 456 participants and $ 456,000 up for grabs.

While we thought we’d be rid of it, the madness Squid Game keep on going. And the discomfort too.

Squid Game in real conditions, it exists and it’s on Youtube

In September, the series landed on Netflix Squid Game, an effective South Korean creation, which immediately captivated the whole world, entering the number one place of the most viewed series in the world. Just that.

Since then, the costumes inspired by the program have sold like hot cakes, the themed escape games have flourished and the series is on everyone’s lips.

But besides the fun, Squid Game also sparked a lot of violence, especially in schoolyards, where students played at 1,2,3 soleil and beat the losers, like the series where the characters are shot as soon as they fail a test.

In front of the extraordinary enthusiasm – whose fallout has sometimes been negative – for the show of Hwang Dong-hyuk, an American youtuber, known as MrBeast, whose channel alone has nearly 79 million subscribers, has decide to reproduce the game Squid Game in real conditions.

With one exception: the losers obviously stay alive!

Thus, 456 people competed on the same events as the characters in the series, with the key to a loot of $ 456,000.

Squid Game on YouTube, what do we think?

The video, which lasts 25 minutes, starts of course on the musical theme of the program, and specifies the rules before launching hostilities.

We have to admit that the video is impressive, produced with great help, and reconstructs the games in a striking way.

The famous tug of war game, non-lethal version
The famous tug of war game, non-lethal version

Moreover, the animation is delivered in the most joyful and benevolent way possible, giving the video a good-natured dimension, miles from the original work.

We admit having even jumped a little for joy at the end, when one of the participants wins the ultimate test.

Only here, there are two pitfalls to the concept.

The first is that we have RAS THE EARS of the musical theme of Squid Game, and head full, overall, of the entire series!

The second is that in view of the many drifts that resulted from viewing the program, it should perhaps be specified at the beginning of the video that all this remains only a game whose stakes are based on fiction … History to do a little pedagogy what.

On the other hand, the people who participate literally pretend to die as soon as they lose, which made us particularly uncomfortable.

For now, we still do not really know what to think of this very realistic reconstruction of a game based on the killing of individuals who gamble their lives out of poverty.

But what is certain is that 30 million people have already watched the video, and that in view of the comments, few are encumbered with any moral questioning.

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