“A disappointment is not good for him now”

GF Vip, Patrizia Mirigliani clarifies with Mirian, but she is worried about Nicola: “A disappointment is not good for him now”. When a mother sees her child at risk, he pulls out his claws and fights, even if it turns out to be unpopular, even if it goes against the wishes of the child.

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This is what happened to Patrizia Mirigliani, who decided on Monday evening to enter the house of the Big Brother Vip and confront with his son Nicola and Miriana, especially after the controversy of the post on Instagram.

The patron of Miss Italy had published a post with the acronym “Don’t get fooled” which obviously sent Miriana into crisis, convinced that it was aimed at her.

«I don’t think you’re a fool – Patrizia explains to her son Nicola – but an extraordinary person and people are appreciating him. You are much loved by the public. If I sent that message that it didn’t have a recipient because it was a game, I did it as a mother’s outburst, so that there was no one who could take advantage of your goodness of mind. It was not aimed at anyone in particular, we have suffered for years, we are resurrected, born again, and your happiness must depend on yourself. When I saw the criticisms of the acronym, I wondered how easily do you think that mothers should then be put aside as if they were disposable. We were together 14 years, were we saved? If you are happy, in love and you have feelings, I am happy for you because you can feel them. I am here because you know that I am not hiding, you know what I have done as a woman and I want my role as a mother to be respected. I’m not talking about Miriana because I don’t want to enter my son’s life, also for some dynamics that I have seen and that do not make me think of a stability of this story. I explained well what my thoughts are, his happiness is mine. I can’t judge Miriana, I don’t want a joke to become a giant stuff».

The son Nicola: «I have to apologize, because maybe I got nervous. I am happy to be here, I have found some real friends ».

Patrizia on Miriana: «I understand my son’s feelings, but does Miriana feel them? Nicola is almost 33 years old and knowing what Miriana feels, he will decide if this story suits him. Miriana is a very positive person, but I would tell her not to rush too much, I do not want as a mother that he has a disappointment that is not good for him right now. Suffering is part of life, now that you can finally make plans you have to focus on this, what will be will be “

“I’m not in love – confirms Miriana – I feel a great attraction”. Nicola: “What my mother says is right, but I hope this thing goes on”

Mirigliani suggests to her son to learn to listen “His feelings are always very strong and overwhelming and I ask him to be just a bit more rational, and that’s what Miriana says too.”

Last updated: Tuesday 26 October 2021, 08:28