A fire breaks out, Ali is desperate to save a small child, watches the love of a pious child on MNCTV : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The latest soap opera Cinta Anak Soleh continues to present an increasingly exciting and interesting storyline. The latest soap opera Cinta Anak Soleh is now stealing the hearts of viewers and is eagerly awaited for every episode. The soap opera Cinta Anak Soleh airs every Tuesday – Sunday, at 21.00 WIB.

The soap opera Cinta Anak Soleh stars Alwi Assegaf who returns to the screen as Ali and Reyhan, Fadlan Muhammad as Faqih (Ali and Reyhan’s father), Helmalia Putri (Salma, Ali’s mother and Reyhan), Vemasse Firdatidar as Ulfa, Makayla Rosehilli as Syifa, and Ray Shareza as Ustadz Mustofa.

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Ali and Reyhan Had a Serious Accident, Watch the Love of a Soleh Child on MNCTV

In today’s episode, Ali saw a photo of Reyhan and his twin, Ali was confused but suddenly Faqih came. Ali panicked and explained that he was just looking for Syifa’s toys.

The next day Ali returned to his village, but suddenly there was a fire in a resident’s house. Without thinking, Ali broke through the fire and immediately helped the small child in the house. Ali managed to save the little boy.

Everyone was amazed at Ali’s courage, after that Ali met Mostofa and asked to be taught Islam. Ujang and Bombom also joined in studying with Ustadz Mustafa.

There was a lot of excitement while they were studying, causing a riot that made Ustad Mustafa dizzy. The next day, Faqih almost accidentally bumps into Salma. Faqih and Salma looked at each other. However, Salma managed to escape before Faqih approached her.

Salma remembers about the past. When Faqih accused him of having an affair and leaking company secrets, Faqih kicked him out. Salma was forced to change Nakula’s name to Ali.

Watch the soap opera Cinta Anak Soleh, every Tuesday – Sunday, at 21.00 WIB only on MNCTV.

The soap opera Cinta Anak Soleh is a production of MNC Pictures, the largest production house in Indonesia which is a subsidiary of PT MNC Studios International Tbk.