A peek at the first single of Axl Ramanda Rocker who graduated from Indonesian Idol Special Season : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Axl Ramanda, who is familiarly called AXL, is a newcomer singer who graduated from Indonesian Idol in 2021. In the talent search event, he entered the TOP 11 Indonesian Idol Special Season and even attracted a lot of public attention with his singing ability with the Pop Rock genre.

Previously, Axl Ramanda had a band called PLANTS and had released 2 independent singles entitled “My Own Way” by Krisna Triastan and “At Home Only God Accompanies” Harry Tjahjono. And before joining Indonesian Idol, Axl had participated in The Voice Indonesia in 2018. After that Axl was invited by Dul Jaelani to join Project Tribute To Dewa 19.

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“With Dul Jaelani, there was indeed a chat about having a band together. After joining The Voice Indonesia, I was invited by Dul Jaelani to join his band Tribute To Dewa 19. I have recorded the vocals for demos on 2 of the songs that Dul created for me. I don’t know how the story ended up being released in the 2nd solo mini album. Then I joined the Indonesian Idol 2021 event again, after I was eliminated I made a Youtube Podcast with Dul. At that time, Dul said that he wanted to make a band called Qodir and he wanted it to be me as the vocalist, because he was looking for a vocalist with a high voice and rock. I’ve always wanted to be a soloist and have my own work,” said Axl about his musical journey.

Now in 2021, Axl released his first single as a solo singer, entitled “Lepas Dan Go”. This song is a Pop genre song by Krisna Triastan, who also acts as Music Producer in this song. Actually this is an old song that has been made from a year ago, which was planned to be released with his band, PLANTS. However, due to the busyness of their respective personnel, the band was finally on hiatus.

“I really like this song and indeed this song was created especially for me, because the story is taken from my personal experience. This song is actually a sad song about a breakup. It’s just that the confusion is different, the men are really like that, so if this relationship can’t be continued, just break up. I let you go and I’m gone. That’s why he glanced at the words ‘I left and didn’t come back, filled the empty space in my heart’, later in the video clip it is described with random sets on the beach, in the desert, on the beach.. It indicates that the upset person is lost for a while” , explained Axl about this song.

“What I know is that usually sad songs are on the side of being hurt and left behind, but in this song it’s different that sadness is also on the side of leaving. One way to forget memories is to run away to vent the sadness that is in the heart, it is better to decide to go and be sad right now, rather than grieve for long because you can’t leave the love that slowly kills you, “added Axl.

Axl, who is also active as a Content Creator and starred in several of these advertisements, admitted that he had difficulty singing this song. Especially for him who is used to performing in a band format and is now a soloist. But Axl is quite good at adapting to this song.

“It’s quite difficult, because this is my first single as a soloist. And I, who is a rock singer, have to sing Pop songs with slow material and this is my first time singing a song like this. I had to take vocals twice, because it was difficult for me to sing slow songs or sad songs. It’s difficult to convey the message, but in the end I was able to conquer this song in my own way,” said Axl.

Axl Ramanda is very grateful for all the achievements of his career at this time, his struggles in music so far have finally brought him to this point and are known to many people. Axl promised to focus on working in the world of Indonesian music.

“I am very happy that I can finally release a single as a solo singer and participate in the Indonesian music scene. I want to give my best works to everyone, all my music lovers. I want to show something different from other singers in this era,” said Axl.

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