A Petition to Block Snowdrop Drama Appears, Signed by 200,000 People : Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL – JTBC’s new drama Snowdrop threatened to stop airing after more than 200,000 people signed a petition to ban the drama. Residents claim, the drama deviated from the historical facts of South Korea.

There are several main points stated in the petition, after the first two episodes aired on December 18-19, 2021. First, the main female character in the drama saves the male lead who is a spy.

Second, when the main male character is chased by a male supporting character depicted from the Agency for National Security Planning. In that scene, Snowdrop played a historic song symbolizing the pro-democracy movement.

The audience also had time to protest the existence of the song through social media. “It is very unethical to use the song to describe the scene. This is very far from history,” said one netizen.

Third, a scene where the male protagonist who is actually a spy is considered a supporter of democracy. Historical facts reveal that many Koreans were arrested by the government because they were considered spies.

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A netizen in his commentary said, “Dramas that feature such narratives have a very bad impact on the historical value of South Korea’s pro-democracy movement.”

Snowdrop. (Foto: JTBC)

So far, the petition has been signed by more than 200,000 people and will close on January 18, 2022. While the first two episodes Snowdrop posted ratings of 2.98 and 3.89 percent, respectively.*

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