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The Squid game series boosts sales of an unexpected accessory!

Series Squid Game has been invading our screens and the media for a little over a month now and the extent of its buzz has become undeniable!

But the series is not the only one to benefit from this incredible enthusiasm. Indeed, fans quickly sought to acquire the key aesthetic elements of their favorite series, namely the classic red jumpsuit of the guards but also the iconic green tracksuit with white stripes of the players. However, it is a much simpler element for which we have seen an explosion in sales. Did you guess what it is?

Here’s a little hint:

Vans Slip-On

Vans sales explode thanks to the series Squid Game !

Well, these are indeed the shoes! The players’ simple white canvas shoes without laces are very popular. A legendary model that can be found at Vans who released this pair in the 70s.

With the release of the film It’s getting hot at Ridgemont high school by 1982, the sneakers had already had some success when they fitted Sean Penn, but this time around the sales of the Vans Slip-On increased exponentially, although they were no longer considered a trend. Requests have increased by 97% according to the online sales platform Lyst. Reseller Sole Supplier, meanwhile, said sales for this model on their site increased by 7,800%, unpredictable growth!

We could also find an explanation for this increase in the approach of October 31 and the traditional Halloween party where the custom is to dress up. Fans of the Korean series could therefore have acquired these shoes in order to perfect their disguise for this event. You can also find our ideas for costumes inspired by the series here.

While this case is impressive in its speed and scale, other cinematic works have also been responsible for increasing sales of a product like Tom Cruise’s memorable Aviator Ray-Ban glasses in Top Gun or a renewed interest as for chessboards during the dissemination of the Lady’s game on Netflix.