Aaron Carter breaks up with Melanie Martin after announcing the birth of a child : Okezone Celebrity

THE ANGELS– Singer Aaron Carter chose to end his relationship with his fiancé, Melanie Martin. This was revealed by the singer of Go Jimmy Jimmy shortly after the two welcomed their first child.

In a caption on Instagram, Aaron said the cause of the breakup of romance because of the ‘big lie’ committed by his twin brother, Angel Carter. Where Angel has been secretly communicating with Melanie for the past two years.


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“My sister has communicated with my ex-fiancé and ruined everything, considering what he once tried to do to me in court. Thank you Angel, you have destroyed my family. God bless,” Aaron wrote, quoted Thursday (2/12/2021).

Aaron also explained that he felt hurt because he had been betrayed by his ex. According to him, Melanie already knew that Aaron was no longer in touch with his family because he was considered a pedophile.

In a separate tweet, Aaron claimed that Angel had spread false rumors by accusing him of wanting to kill Lauren Kitt, his brother Nick Carter’s wife and their unborn child.

“They cost me $50,000 in court, my family tried to drain me so they could confiscate the house and label me a pedophile by sending me a Christmas message (a restraining order),” he said.

This is not the first time the couple has split, Aaron and Melanie started dating in January 2020 and broke up in March 2020 due to an argument at Aaron’s house, after which Martin was arrested for domestic violence.

Martin and Aaron later reconciled in June 2020 and got engaged that same month. Melanie was found to have been pregnant in April 2020, but suffered a miscarriage and announced her pregnancy again in March 2021.

Although for years Aaron had struggled with his mental health. But this time he emphasized that the problem was not a factor in his relationship with Melanie.

“I’m not suffering from an addiction problem it’s terrible and it’s rude of you to say I expect an apology,” he said.