Accused of lying, Doddy Sudrajat claims he doesn’t know Vanessa Angel’s Insurance Amount: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Faisal, father -in -law Vanessa Angel inflamed. He was annoyed with the constant lies that Doddy Sudrajat had done to him. In addition to the issue of custody of his grandson, Faisal also feels cheated about the amount of Vanessa’s insurance.

Based on Faisal’s version, Doddy admitted that he only received Rp. 30 million from Vanessa’s life insurance. He and his wife then helped prepare all the documents needed by Doddy so that the funds could be disbursed.

However, when the insurance company contacted Faisal and informed him that the amount of funds to be disbursed reached Rp530 million, Faisal was angry. It doesn’t matter who the funds will flow to, but he sees the dishonest attitude of the big man.

“Now how can I believe what he says? Have lied many times. Do you cook like that?” Faisal said as quoted from Intense Investigation, Friday (11/26/2021).

Vanessa Angel’s mother-in-law revealed that Doddy Sudrajat’s first lie was about the custody of Gala Sky. He admitted that he and the besan had agreed that Gala would be raised by Bibi’s family.

“Then we submitted a guardianship right to the West Jakarta PA together. He was also present and signed the document. But the next day, submit it at the Central Jakarta PA,” said Faisal with an annoyed tone.

The father of four added, “Now, about insurance. I asked how much it was worth, he said Rp. 30 million. But when the Professionals called me, they said Rp530 million. How’s this going?”

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Doddy Sudrajat’s clarification

Regarding Faisal’s anger, Doddy also raised his voice. He admitted that he didn’t really know how much insurance he would receive. The reason, the insurance provider company also did not disclose the nominal.

“I don’t know how much it is. The Pr*d*ntial did not mention the amount. So here I am strange, how can Mr. Faisal know the nominal?” said Doddy.

Doddy and Puput Sudrajat, Vanessa Angel's parents. (Photo: SILET RCTI)

Puput Sudrajat’s husband added that currently there are two insurances left by his daughter. Vanessa Angel made the first insurance before marrying Aunt Ardiansyah.

“This one, the heirs are Mayang and I (Vanessa’s sister) and the current premium has been paid off for 2.5 years. The second insurance was made after Vanessa got married and the amount was Rp. 30 million,” said Doddy Sudrajat.*

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