Accused of Plastic Surgery, Cita Citata Spray Netizens : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Cita Citata expressed her frustration on Instagram. It seems that he is getting angry with netizens’ comments. The reason, he was accused of doing plastic surgery because his face changed.

This issue began when Cita Citata uploaded her photo with actor Kiki Rizky. In the portrait, he is wearing an all-white outfit complete with a black hat. While her face was made up with a natural look and blushing red lipstick. Many netizens said that the face of the singer of Goyang Dumang turned strange and not as beautiful as before.

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“Cita is now weird. It used to be cute and sweet. Now most of them have plastic surgery or something, so the sweetness is gone. But the sound is getting cooler, I swear,” said a netizen. “How come now it’s so strange, it used to be so far away,” said another netizen.

Not staying silent, Cita Citata immediately went berserk through the next upload. He admitted that he was surprised by the comments of netizens who questioned the change in his face. He emphasized that his appearance changed not because of plastic surgery, but because he had grown up.

“What’s wrong with you guys? You said my face was different. Yes, obviously it was different then and now, the haircut is also different. Now that I’m getting older, if my face doesn’t change from baby to adult, then the question is, do I eat blood or eat people! The original face is okay, just using skincare, reoooooo,” wrote Cita Citata in her upload.

The post was immediately flooded with various comments. Many netizens asked Cita Citata to be patient in dealing with the blasphemy. Not a few also gave encouragement and support for him.