Acting Together, Shandy Aulia and Gading Marten Pray for a Match : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Shandy Aulia busying himself with work in the midst of the issue of his rift with David Herbowo. Recently, he often shares his activities on film shooting locations I Need Baby.

In the film produced by MD Pictures, Shandy collided with the Citra Cup-winning actor, Gading Marten. From that project, the interaction between the two on social media has caught the attention of fans.

As on October 13, he uploaded two photos from the film’s premiere. “Day 1, movie I Need You Baby. Cathy & Beno,” said the actress in her upload.

Gading Marten commented on the upload by writing, “Spirit.” The interaction of the two actors was then widely commented on by netizens. Not a few who pray that the two can be paired.

“Widowers and widows are playing movies together,” said the account @devixa_vier. A similar comment was made by the account @lenyspasaribu who wrote, “Hope you have a good luck. Both are of the same faith and both have their hearts broken.”

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The issue of Shandy Aulia’s household rift was first revealed when the actress removed the status of ‘wife’ from her personal Instagram bio, on October 5, 2021. In addition, most of her husband’s photos were also deleted.

Then on October 8, 2021, he finally opened his voice regarding the divorce issue. Through Insta Story, he revealed that his marriage is a private sphere that should not be public consumption.

Shandy Aulia. (Photo: Instagram/@shandyaulia)

“Give space and time for me personally. Because the news circulating is a very personal area for me, “said the mother of one child in her upload.

On the other hand, Gading is still a widower since his divorce from Gisella Anastasia on January 23, 2019. Since his divorce, he has been rumored to be with a number of beautiful women but until now no one has taken Gading Marten seriously.*

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