Actor Hwang Dong-hyuk tells us about the true meaning of the Netflix series at the moment!

While his series is a real success on streaming platforms, Hwang Dong-hyuk is singled out. According to other viewers, the game “Squid Game” presents too many scenes of violence not adapted to society.

It’s been just over a month since Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Korean series aired on Netflix. It is a real success like the greatest television series. However, this film is criticized by some because of the brutality it witnesses. The director then explains this choice. We are talking about it.

Squid Game: a great unexpected success

Since the month of September, the Korean series « Squid Game » is broadcast on the American platform Netflix. In less than a month, it has become the show that brings together the most viewers. Divided into nine episodes, this series is actually a survival game. At the end of the test, the winner will win a large sum of money while the loser will die.

Forbidden at least 16 years old, Hwang Dong-hyuk’s film features very violent scenes. People kill each other for money in order to get out of huge debt. Between killing, organ trafficking and rehabilitation of the games of our childhood, Squid Game hits hard. Moreover in episode 1, it is the game of “1,2,3” sun which is honored.

The series has created such a buzz that business is working for Korean. As it is followed in 90 pays, she advertised the brands of shoes worn by the inmates of the film. As a result, the white “Vans” sneakers are out of stock. As well as the cookies or the costumes of the film which were reproduced.

Delighted, the 50-year-old director did not expect such success. In fact, he has been trying to disseminate his work for 10 years, but no one has understood it. Only Netflix accepted this year. “Today, I have the impression to be like the Korean group BTS, it is like if I had created Star Wars or Harry Potter” he explained on CNN.

Hwang Dong-hyuk explains what he is staging

Despite the great success of “Squid Game”, the series received a fair amount of criticism. Judged too violent, it is singled out by many viewers. Thus Hwang Dong-hyuk seeks to explain what he wanted to convey in the game. According to him, this is by no means gratuitous violence but rather that of society, of everyday life.

In fact, we are often faced with the law of the richest in life. This is what leads to dehumanization following over-indebtedness. By the way Squid Game talks about this: “Inequalities, the divide between social classes in South Korea”. An injustice that he witnessed in his youth and that he tries to trace in its realization.

In fact, the star lived a story in relation to what she staged. He grew up in Seoul in a very modest family. Hanging on to studies, he eventually graduated in journalism but had to incur a huge debt to finance his studies. He suffered from it to be able to repay it. This is how he tells his story in this series.

Therefore, “Squid Game” is neither gloomy nor pessimistic. He says, “The reason I wrote this series is my faith in humanity “. This is the reason why he would have translated the final scene as a catharsis. “This is the world I want to live in. He continued. A world of solidarity, of cohesion and not of individuality.

The next season of Squid Game

Even though the first season has just ended, production is already on the sequel. Hwang then thinks of bringing in recreation games from other countries. Moreover, towards the end of season 1, we have not already been made aware of the existence of Squid Game elsewhere. However, the game of hide and seek, bungee jumping and even hake Maillard will be in the spotlight in the rest of this series.

Like them, the game of the hawk, the musical chair as well as the hopscotch could appear in Squid Game season 2. Some fans have also made a link with the United States since the director talked about corrupt police. This remains a guess until then but what is certain is that viewers will not be disappointed.