Adele, Taylor Swift… Why do we love listening to sad songs so much? Science has the answer

Listening to sad music makes us feel better, according to several scientific and mental health studies.

CContrary to what one might think, listening to sad music does not make us worse than what we already are – even if we tend to consume excessively during a bad time, such as after a breakup . According to mental health experts, songs that elicit an emotional response, such as melancholy songs, can even have a liberating effect.

“They help us access and accept emotions that can be difficult or painful in a low-risk, intentional and time-limited way “, explains Arianna Galligher to the Everyday Health site.” Someone like you “by Adele,” White Horse “by Taylor Swift, or even” All by Myself “, this sad music would therefore serve as an outlet. By listening to them, we can also tell ourselves that we are not alone in going through a complicated moment, adds the specialist. So we feel better than before.

Soothing songs

“The sadness evoked by music can help people think more clearly and rationally because it makes them makes you think in the absence of any real tragic event “, says Matthew E. Sachs, researcher in neuroscience and psychology at Columbia University in New York. A scientific study carried out in 2020 showed that people with depression prefer sad music because they find it calming. Other research has found that listening to these kinds of songs stimulates the areas of the brain which control our imagination, our memory and which regulate our emotions.

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80s music would reduce stress

People who listen to more sad music would also be more empathetic. Here are plenty of reasons to listen to Taylor Swift and Adele’s new albums on repeat.


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