After Jamrud, SRN Entertainment Collaborates with Indonesian Musicians to Awaken the Creative Economy: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – This music program Dangdut, Jamrud Perspektif, and Pop Party has been held by SRN Entertainment. After collaborating with Jamrud, now they are trying to collaborate with other musicians.

As an IP Creator, SRN Entertainment provides a spectacle and positive guidance for music lovers. Like the Jamrud Perspektif music program that was present some time ago.

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“Jamrud is one of the top bands that represents Indonesia’s diverse culture. SRN Entertainment wants to focus on presenting this culture to the Indonesian people, and to audiences around the world in particular,” said Sonya Laoh Mendes, CEO of SRN Entertainment who is also a music activist.

In addition to the Jamrud Perspektif music program, SRN Entertainment has also presented the Ini Dangdut music program which focuses on the country’s top dangdut singers. As well as Indonesia’s top pop singers who appear in the Pop Party music program.

Not only in the three programs, in the future, SRN Entertainment will continue to focus on presenting varied Indonesian music programs that will be present to entertain people at home consistently.

Besides wanting to present an entertainment, SRN entertainment also wants to create a healthy ecosystem for Indonesian musicians to always be appreciated for their work so that they can create new works that are of interest to their fans.

“Allow us to be here to always be able to provide interesting entertainment and at the same time help Indonesia’s creative economy, especially in the field of music,” he said.