After Squid Game, 5 other Korean series to discover on Netflix – news series on TV

Want to watch more Korean series on Netflix after completing the nine episodes of “Squid Game”? We give you a small selection.

Jung Jaegu/Netflix


Hellbound is the small screen adaptation of the eponymous comic (more precisely the webtoon) written by Yeon Sang-ho, the director of Last Train for Busan and Peninsula. A program consisting of six episodes and signed by Yeon Sang-ho himself which plunges the spectator into the heart of a thriller mixing anticipation and horrific codes, as breathless as visually stunning.

In this ambitious Hellbound, which notably explores the notions of good and evil, humans are discovering the possibility of anticipating their own death, and angels are tasked with sending those who use this gift directly to hell. For some, these angels are the messengers of God, while others wish to investigate their real origin.


Fans of monsters and zombies, Sweet Home is a series made for you! The 10-episode program, adapted from the webtoon by Kim Carnby et Hwang Young-chan, follows the daily life of a teenager plagued by inner demons. As ferocious monsters spread terror and threaten mankind, he becomes his neighbors’ best chance for survival. Sacred program!

MY NAME (2021)

The My Name series, available since October on the Netflix platform, tells the story of a woman, motivated by revenge, who joins a criminal network and becomes an undercover police officer in order to find her father’s murderer.

To play Yoon Ji-woo’s female character, South Korean actress Han So-Hee trained for three months in a school specializing in the preparation of action scenes. The young woman has also watched action films worn by heroines such as Atomic Blonde and The Old Guard, both with Charlize Theron headlining.


Vincenzo is a series telling the story of an Italian-Korean mafia lawyer who, taking advantage of a visit to his homeland, attacks a powerful pharmaceutical conglomerate and does justice in his own way. Created by Park Jae-bum (The Fiery Priest, also on Netflix), this very effective thriller, a real phenomenon in South Korea, oscillates between comedy and spy thriller.

If you decide to take the plunge into watching Vincenzo, organize your schedule accordingly: the series consists of 20 episodes of 1h20 each on average!

KINGDOM (2019)

Launched in 2019 on Netflix, the Kingdom series is the platform’s first South Korean creation. A captivating program, adaptation of the horrific manga The Kingdom of the Gods, which mixes history and … zombies!

With the ambitious horrifico-medieval series Kingdom, the viewer plunges into the heart of a kingdom plagued by corruption and famine, as a mysterious plague spreads and the dead turn into monsters. The crown prince, accused of treason but ready to do anything to save his people, gives himself the mission of discovering the origin of this evil which rages in the shadows. Two seasons saw the light of day, as well as a special 1.5 hour episode.