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Did you like Squid Game? Netflix already brings you a new Korean series you shouldn’t miss. Check out the trailer for Hellbound, from the director of Last Train to Busan.

We can no longer stop the craziness of Korean series on Netflix. After the Squid Game sensation, still at the top of the viewing charts, the platform unveiled the trailer for the next unmissable series from South Korea.

Entitled Hellbound, this series based on the webtoon Hell is by Sang-Ho Yeon, screenwriter and director of the very successful Last Train to Busan. And we feel the same urgency as the zombie movie in the trailer for this series which should be a hit on Netflix.

In Hellbound, creatures from another world appear overnight to issue a decree and sentence individuals to go to Hell. These supernatural events wreak havoc and allow The New Truth group to gain influence.

This mysterious religious band takes advantage of these events to share the idea that this is only divine justice. But his activities arouse suspicion and lead a few people to investigate his involvement in mysterious phenomena.

The cast of this new horror thriller includes: Ah-In Yoo (#Alive, Burning), Re Lee (Peninsula), Do-yoon Kim (Peninsula, The Strangers), Hyun-joo Kim (Watcher), Chase Yi ( Sweet Home, Dave), Kyung-soo Ryu (The Call) and Jin-ah Won (Just Between Lovers).

If the trailer has made you want, you will have to wait a bit since Hellbound will be available on November 19 on Netflix. For the more impatient, know that the first volume of the webtoon is available in bookstores, as mentioned by Kbooks on Twitter.