After Squid Game, Netflix throws the trailer for its Korean sci-fi series

After the series Squid Game and Hellbound, Netflix unveils the first trailer for its new South Korean series: The Silent Sea.

Between the surprise success of the dystopian series Squid Game and the recent release of the director’s new creation of Last train to Busan, the not uninteresting series Hellbound, Netflix continues to capitalize on South Korean creations with sci-fi thriller The Silent Sea.

Announced by the platform in December 2019, this series is the adaptation of the short film The Sea of Tranquility, directed by the same Choi Hang-Yong who is responsible for directing all eight episodes of The Silent Sea. The writing is co-signed by screenwriter Park Eun-Kyo, already at work on the very beautiful Mother by Bong Joon-ho. And this is how the platform is stepping up the promotion of this new production by unveiling its first trailer.

As a reminder, the story will be that of a scientific duo, played by Doona Bae (The Host, Cloud Atlas and Sense8) et Gong Yoo (Last train to Busan, The Age of Shadows and Squid Game), who joins a space team for a trip to the Moon that will play a critical role in the fate of the world. We then find at the beginning of the trailer the duo of main protagonists who seem to be in a bad position, threatened in their ship on a desert moon. In less than a minute are then presented the premises of a plot whose the threat is carefully concealed from us.

Mysterious and elegant, these first images thus let us glimpse a show that seems technically accomplished in a few beautifully composed images. However, much of what is shown to us takes place in a fairly classic artistically directed space station, leaving fear a deficit of means which could stifle the desires for grandeur of the series.

Sweaty Hellbound over the possible success of The Silent Sea

It remains to be seen whether The Silent Sea will indeed be this thriller in quasi-camera, and if the series will justify it by playing the card of the suffocating thriller, or if the trailer itself does not hide from us more images of the wide frozen deserts of the Moon . As it stands, it’s hard to say if The Silent Sea will explore, in addition to science fiction, horizons closer to action or horror survival, but the evasive form of the trailer lends itself to fantasies and imagination.

We will have to wait for the release of the series, on December 24 on the platform at the red N, to be able to get a more precise idea of ​​what this new South Korean series has to offer us. In any case, the series has obtained a prime spot in Netflix’s schedule with this release in the middle of the Christmas holidays, which has become a key period in the platform’s strategy.

Over the past three years, the red N has released, among other things, behemoths Midnight in the Universe, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Bird Box and soon Don’t Look Up and also launched its prestigious series The Bridgertons Chronicle and The Witcher, getting huge viewing scores. What bodes well for the Korean series.