After Squid Game, will Dr. Brain be the new Korean phenomenon Apple TV + version?

Apple TV + threw a trailer for Dr. Brain, a new South Korean series that should follow in the footsteps of Parasite.

Foundation, For All Mankind, Little America… There is no shortage of quality entertainment on Apple TV +, even if the platform is somewhat jettisoned in the race for SVoD. However, it is in the Olympic form of Korean fiction that the SVoD service at the apple has been drawn to offer a new series, for which it has just released a first trailer.

Dr. Brain should tell the story of Se-won (played by Lee Sun-kyun), a brain scientist obsessed with a tragedy that took his family away. Desperate to find out more and silence the demons that inhabit it, he decides to connect his brain to those of deceased people in order to use their memories for this purpose. However, exploring the memories of the dead might not be without risk or consequence.

We therefore find Lee Sun-kyun, already present in the multi-Oscar winner Parasite in corridors of sanitized laboratories. No sound disturbs the metronome which punctuates the action (or rather the lack of action) in this first part of the trailer, supposed to show us the suffocating loneliness of the now widowed father.

However, as soon as he decides to connect his brain to that of the dead, everything accelerates, making the story breathless, but also much more vagabond. Exit then, the laboratory corridors and their disturbing neon lights. Memories of the dead are illustrated in a variety of landscapes and situations, sometimes bordering on horror or psychological anguish for our greatest pleasure.

Charismatic mafia in My Name, Park Hee-soon is back for our greatest pleasure

It is Kim Jee-woon that we will find at the helm, he we know in the West for certain titles that contributed to the golden age of Korean cinema from 2000-2010, with Two sisters, A Bittersweet Life or I met the devil. Considered one of the symbols of the new South Korean cinema, he will be surrounded by renowned actors from the Land of the Morning Calm, including the excellent Park Hee-soon which had already performed very well in the series. My Name, who had created a surprise on the Netflix platform, in the wake of curiosity about South Korean cinema that opened Squid Game.

Dr. Brain should dive in the same vein as Parasite. Science fiction will be added to thriller and drama in a program that should constantly surprise us with realities that could in fact be the dreams or memories of the dead interviewed by Se-won. Does it sound like a mix between Parasite and Inception ? Probably, but Korean cinema seems to have a particular gift for portraying family drama, but also visions of horror and anguish.

Dr. Brain will be available one episode per week starting November 4, 2021 on Apple TV +.