After that, it was Googled in 2021

This example shows how ubiquitous Google is: The search engine made it into the Duden with its own verb. “Googling” has been in the spelling dictionary since 2004. Nine out of ten Germans use Google for Internet research – competitors such as bing, Ecosia and Yahoo! only have a marginal market share.

So if you look at what people type into Google’s search box, you will learn a lot about what moves the majority of them. As every year, the technology company published its annual review in search terms.

Which topics were Germans particularly interested in in 2021? However, the published “Top Trending Search Terms” do not list the terms that are absolutely most frequently searched for. Instead, the trend lists contain words or sentences that have shown a particularly strong increase compared to the previous year. “In this way it is possible to determine trends for a certain period of time,” says a Google spokeswoman.

Google trends in Germany: general search terms

The coronavirus may have dominated people’s everyday lives around the world in 2021 – but not the search queries on Google. Here the pathogen only landed in third place. Even more people were interested in the “Federal Parliament Election 2021” (2nd place).

Last year seems to have been a particularly sporty one: There are three trend terms from this area, namely “EM 2021” in 1st place, “Bundesliga” in 4th place and “Olympia 2021” in 5th place.

When it comes to avoiding physical contact, digital communication becomes all the more important. This is probably why “WhatsApp disruption” is in 6th place – because messengers have become even more important during the pandemic.


Trouble with WhatsApp: what does ICQ actually do?

Since the criticism of Whatsapp has grown, an old friend is suddenly in conversation again: ICQ. Could the messenger dino be an alternative? © RND

In 2021, people were particularly interested in two securities: the “Biontech share” (7th place) and the “Gamestop share”. Both stocks rose massively in value. While this was due to the development of the mRNA vaccine at the biotechnology company Biontech, the Gamestop share profited from a merger of many small investors who wanted to bring down hedge funds.

Two farewells can also be found in the top 10. After 16 years, Angela Merkel no longer rules Germany. Many people in this country googled “Zapfenstreich Merkel” (8th place). For this event, the Chancellor wanted, among other things, the song “You forgot the color film” by Nina Hagen.

Probably because of her too early and sudden death, the name of the model “Kasia Lenhardt” (10th place) can be found on the Google list. Their death sparked a debate about cyberbullying and the workings of tabloid media.

  1. IN 2021
  2. Bundestag election 2021
  3. Corona
  4. Bundesliga
  5. Olympia 2021
  6. Whatsapp malfunction
  7. Biontech share
  8. Tattoo Merkel
  9. Game stop Action
  10. Kasia Lenhardt

Google trends in Germany: headlines

“Bundestag election 2021” (1st place), “Corona” (2nd place) and “Zapfenstreich Merkel” (3rd place) were already popular in the general search terms. The fact that “Israel” is in fifth place in the ranking is probably thanks to the country’s vaccination campaign, which has often been cited as a model in this country.

“Afghanistan” (4th place) appears in the ranking probably because the country landed in the headlines with the withdrawal of US troops and the takeover of power by the Taliban.

Last year people were also interested in “floods” (6th place) and “La Palma volcanic eruption” (10th place). If you look at this year’s report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it can be assumed that extreme natural disasters will increase – so it would not be a surprise if matching search terms land more frequently in Google trends in the next few years.

In the headlines category, there are also reports that one would only remember after a long thought: namely the container ship that blocked the “Suez Canal” (8th place) for days. China’s alleged test of a hypersonic missile can also be found in the search trends as “China missile” in 9th place.

  1. Bundestag election 2021
  2. Corona
  3. Tattoo Merkel
  4. Afghanistan
  5. Israel
  6. Flood
  7. Rail strike
  8. Suez Canal
  9. China racket
  10. La Palma volcanic eruption


Dramatic flood situation continues – helpers in constant stress

The flood disaster in West Germany reveals an overwhelming willingness to show solidarity. © RND

Google trends in Germany: personalities

The list of the most Googled personalities in 2021 compared to the previous year is very masculine. Annalena Baerbock, candidate for Chancellor of the Greens and future Foreign Minister, is the only woman in 6th place. Here you can read what the personalities did in Google Trends this year:

  1. Christian Eriksen: The Danish national soccer player collapses during the European Championship game against Finland and is reanimated live in front of the camera.
  2. Alec Baldwin: The actor (“The Guns of Women”, “Miami Blues”) accidentally shot the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while shooting his film “Rust”. The weapon was handed over to him as safe.
  3. Gil Ofarim: The singer complained about a hotel in Leipzig where he was allegedly insulted in an anti-Semitic way. The investigations are still ongoing.
  4. Armin Laschet: The CDU politician hoped to become the next Federal Chancellor – and failed.
  5. Olaf Scholz: The SPD politician also hoped to become the next Federal Chancellor – and was more successful than Laschet.
  6. Annalena Baerbock: The post of foreign minister in the new cabinet is foreseen for the Greens’ candidate for chancellor.
  7. Mike Singer: This year the German pop singer judged emerging artists as a member of the jury for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.
  8. Michael Ballack: The reason the former professional soccer player hits the headlines is a sad one. His son Emilio died in an accident when he was only 18 years old.
  9. Thomas Gottschalk: For the cult presenter, things went well in 2021. He was a member of the jury for the shows “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and “Supertalent” – and moderated a special edition of “Wetten, dass ..?”.
  10. Jérôme Boateng: The soccer star landed in the headlines in connection with the death of his ex-girlfriend Kasia Lenhardt and was fined 1.8 million euros for assaulting another ex-girlfriend.

Google trends in Germany: deaths

Among the personalities who died in 2021, this year the Germans were particularly interested in the model Kasia Lenhardt, the entertainer Willi Herren and Prince Philip, the husband of the British Queen Elisabeth.

  1. Kasia Lenhardt: Model (*1995)
  2. Willi Herren: Actor and entertainer (* 1975)
  3. Prinz Philip: Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II (* 1921)
  4. Jan Hahn: Moderator and actor (* 1973)
  5. Philipp Mickenbecker: Youtuber bei „The Real Life Guys“ (*1997)
  6. Horst Eckel: Soccer player in the world championship team from 1954 (* 1932)
  7. Gabby Petito: Victim of a violent crime (* 1999)
  8. Gerd Müller: Soccer player (* 1945)
  9. Barby Kelly: Musician, part of the “Kelly Family” (* 1975)
  10. Emilio Ballack: Son of Michael Ballack (* 2002)

Google trends in Germany: series

Which series caused the most discussion in Germany in 2021? Sure, “Squid Game”. What else was on the Germans’ televisions and laptops: an overview.

  1. Squid Game: Hundreds of people with high debts compete against each other in children’s games. Whoever loses also loses his life. (Thriller)
  2. Bridgerton: In the Victorian era, the daughters of the Bridgerton family were looking for suitable husbands – or trying to live independently as women. (Romantik/Drama)
  3. Lupin: Master thief Assane Diop wants to avenge his father, whom he lost early due to false accusations. (Thriller)
  4. Ginny & Georgia: Georgia is moving with her two children. It should be a new beginning – but with some hardships and secrets. (Teen-Serie)
  5. Who Murdered Sara ?: Alejandro “Alex” Guzmán was wrongly imprisoned for the death of his sister Sara for 18 years. Freed again, he tries to find the real killer. (Thriller)

The series were also often googled „Outer Banks“ (Rank 6), „Sex Education“ (7th place), “Cobra Kai” (8th place), „Shadow and Bone“ (9th place) as well as „Fate: The Winx Saga“ (Place 10).

Google trends in Germany: German politicians

Unsurprisingly, the chancellor candidates of the three parties with the proportionally most inquiries end up at the top: “Armin Laschet“(1st place, CDU),”Olaf Scholz“(2nd place, SPD) and”Annalena Baerbock“(3rd place, green). They are followed by the outgoing Chancellor “Angela Merkel“(4th place, CDU).

In 5th place is the former SPD chairwoman “Andrea Nahles“To find, she follows in 6th place the FDP politician”Nicole Bauer“. The latter ends up in the trends because “TV Total” presenter Sebastian Puffpaff showed it in a sexist context.

7th place goes to AfD politician “Alice Weidel“, Followed by FDP boss in 8th place”Christian Lindner“. The Bavarian Prime Minister takes 9th place “Markus Söder“From the CSU, who repeatedly attracted attention with its corona policy. The name of the new President of the Bundestag can be found in 10th place on Google trends, “Bärbel Bas“ (SPD).