Aisha Can Go to School, Denada is Happy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Denada revealed the health condition of her son, Aisha, who is already in school. He conveyed this to Maia Estianty recently.

According to Denada, the child is in better condition and has been released from chemotherapy. However, it is still under the supervision of the doctor so that he does routine check-ups.

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“Thank God, my son is fine, he can go to school. Yesterday, he couldn’t,” said Denada on YouTube Maia ALELDUL TV quoted on Sunday (2/1/2022)

Denada said Aisha started school in August 2021. However, their children still need to adapt to the school environment, because for three years their children only socialized in the hospital and home environment.

“So now he can go to school with his doctor, Alhamdulillah, I’m very grateful, (schooled) only last August,” he continued

“He never socialized, made friends with other kids apart from the other patients who were there,” he explained

This mother of one child told that Aisha’s activities while being treated cannot be separated from routines at the Hospital and Home. Some of them go outside not far from the environment of these places.

“We entered 2018 at the hospital and in our fourth year in Singapore, Aisha was only at home. Even if I took her for a walk to the supermarket, she even went to the supermarket at the hospital, she was never outside that scope.” he said

Aisha is known to have had leukemia since 2018. She then underwent treatment at a Singapore hospital. Denada is also known to have to sell some of his property to pay for Aisha’s treatment.