Aldebaran Finds New Terrorist Clues : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Synopsis The Bond of Love October 11, 2021 is getting more exciting. This time, Papa Surya was seen outside the house, but when he looked for his cellphone, he couldn’t find it.

As a result, Papa Surya called Mama Sarah through the restaurant’s cellphone to find out where her cellphone was at home.

“Ma, I’m looking for my cellphone, I can’t find it, can you please find it,” said Papa Surya, quoted from the soap opera Ikatan Cinta on RCTI, Monday (11/10/2021).

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Hearing this, Mama Sarah immediately looked for her husband’s cellphone. After looking around the room area, Mama Sarah finally found Papa Surya’s cellphone in the living room.

“Yes, I’ve been looking for it, sir, I checked in the room, it’s not there, Pa, where did you save it, here it is, Pa, I met you in the living room again charging, I brought it,” said Mama Sarah.

While trying to catch up with her husband, Mama Sarah’s car almost had an accident. Turns out, the person who almost hit him was Om Irvan, but the two of them didn’t know each other at that time. Mama Sarah asked the driver to be careful and Om Irvan apologized for the incident.

“Sir, if you drive the right way, yes, sir,” said Mama Sarah.

“Sorry, Mom,” said Papa Irvan

“Please tell the driver, sir, drive the right one,” said Mama Sarah.

After that, Papa Surya’s cellphone fell down when Mama Sarah’s car suddenly braked. Mama Sarah was also worried that Papa Surya’s cellphone had crashed due to a fall, so she took the initiative to turn on the cellphone.

“Oh my gosh, Papa’s cellphone has fallen again, so it’s an error, isn’t it. I want to see the photos on Papa’s cellphone,” said Mama Sarah.

When she was about to open the picture section, Mama Sarah accidentally saw a photo of Sofia’s grave, which was Papa Surya’s affair in the past. Mama Sarah was confused, she knew that Sofia’s grave was unknown.

“Sofia, yes, the name of the woman who took the man’s husband is Sofia, but in the past, papa said he didn’t know where the woman’s grave was, why is the photo suddenly on Papa’s cellphone,” said Mama Sofia.

Meanwhile, Sanusi, Mama Rosa’s confidant, finally finds new clues regarding Denis, who is suspected of being involved in the terror acts of the Alfahri family. Interestingly, Sanusi revealed that Denis lived and grew up in an orphanage.

“I have received information about Denis, what I got is that he is an orphan and lives in an orphanage,” said Sanusi to Mama Rosa.

Aldebaran, who was also present in the conversation, also said that Mrs. Astri, the caretaker of the Reyna orphanage, had admitted that Denis had lived in an orphanage, but disappeared.

“Just now, when I was at the orphanage, I chatted with the caretaker there. Denis had lived on the orphanage beach and disappeared. Mrs. Astri said that once a month he still went to the orphanage,” said Aldebaran.

So, will Mama Sarah ask about Sofia? Did Papa Surya reveal that Irvan is Andin’s biological uncle? What about the latest lead from Sanusi?

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