“Alice in Borderland”: series ignites in the slipstream of “Squid Game”

“Alice in Borderland”
Series ignites in the slipstream of “Squid Game”

Kento Yamazaki in “Alice in Borderland”.

© Haro Aso, Shogakukan / ROBOT

Almost a year after its Netflix launch, “Alice in Borderland” really takes off. The reason: The story is similar to the hit “Squid Game”.

“Alice in Borderland” launched on Netflix on December 10, 2020. In the first 30 days, 18 million households watched the Japanese series. The first season was a success, especially in Asia and Europe, and the streaming service soon commissioned a second round. But only now does “Alice in Wonderland” really take off in the public eye. The reason: the similarity to the hit “Squid Game”.

150 million households have watched at least one episode of “Squid Game”, the South Korean survival thriller became the most successful Netflix series of all time. The streaming giant expects total sales of $ 900 million. And of the millions of users who liked “Squid Game”, many get suggested “Alice in Borderland” by the Netflix algorithm. Many journalists also recommend the Japanese series as an alternative.

“Alice in Borderland”: That’s what the series is about

In “Squid Game”, indebted people register for a game where there is a lot of money to be won. But only one can win, if you drop out of the school playground games, you die.

“Alice in Borderland” is also about deadly games. In the series based on the manga of the same name by Haro Aso (41), the participants do not volunteer, but end up in an alternative, deserted version of Tokyo. Among them is the young gamer Arisu, played by the Japanese teen idol Kento Yamazaki (27). With his friends and Usagi, who is drifting alone through the city, Arisu tries to find out the secret of the games.