Amanda Manopo’s Regret for the Mother: Sorry, Can’t Accompany Mom: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actress Amanda Manopo wrote a message for the mother who is struggling to recover from COVID-19. He apologized for not being able to accompany his mother in the hospital.

In her upload, the actress Love Bond he shared a black and white portrait showing his togetherness with his mother, Henny Manopo Lugue.

“I’m sorry Amanda. Manda could not accompany Mami. There’s nothing for Mami now,” he said in Insta Story, as quoted on Wednesday (21/7/2021).

Right now, prayer was the only thing he could do for his mother’s recovery. “Manda always prays that we can get through all of this,” said the Ikatan Cinta actress.

In the message, Amanda Manopo again expressed his love for his mother. He hoped that the woman who gave birth to him could be strong against the disease that was afflicting him.

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Billy Syahputra’s ex-lover added, “Manda really loves Mami. God loves Mami, everyone loves Nami. I love you. Mami is strong, Mami can. Amanda is strong.”

Amanda Manopo and the mother.

As previously reported, actress Amanda Manopo’s mother has tested positive for COVID-19 and requires prompt medical treatment. Nur Aisyah, the actress’s manager, admitted that the family had difficulty finding an ICU room for the mother.

Until finally Nur reported that Amanda Manopo’s mother had received a hospital. “Thank you very much, DM for trying so that we can get an ICU, thank you very much. Pray for Mami to recover, God willing, there will be a miracle for Mama,” said Aisyah.*

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