Ameer Azzikra Had Vomited Blood Before He Died : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actor Shakir Daulay surprised to receive the news Ameer Azzikra passed away on November 29 last. The reason is, so far Nadzira Shafa’s husband is in good condition.

“I think even though he’s sick, the most common is the change in weather. It turned out that there was a problem in his lungs,” he told the media when he was met in the Jagakarsa area, South Jakarta, Saturday (4/12/2021).

Before his condition worsened, Ameer had sent a video to Syakir containing an apology. This, according to the actor, was a sign of Ameer’s departure for good.

Zikri Daulay’s sister admitted that shortly after receiving the video from Ameer, his wife reported that the 21-year-old man was critical at EMC Sentul City Hospital. “I told Zira, if there is something wrong with Ameer, please let me know,” he said again.

In critical condition, Syakir admitted, Ameer Azzikra had vomited blood. The medical team then gave quick treatment and placed Ameer who was in a coma into the intensive care room (ICU).

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Unfortunately, Ameer Azzikra could not be saved and was later declared dead, on November 29, 2021, at around 01.05 WIB. “Yes, that’s the family’s cry,” said Syakir Daulay.

Shakir Daulay and Ameer Azzikra. (Photo: Instagram/@ameer_azzikra)

The medical team said Ammer Azzikra died due to a liver infection and acute pneumonia. He was then buried in the Azzikra Islamic Boarding School, Gunung Sindur, Bogor, right next to the grave of his father, Ustadz Arifin Ilham.*

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