American rapper ARoy was shot dead in his city after a fight

Killed by bullets at the feet of his city of Chicago during a fight, the video of the execution of ARoy was broadcast live on Facebook Live…

Rapper known or in the making, the law of the street does not make any discernment, and the list of artists and actors of the rap game fallen under the bullets is growing day after day. After Young Dolph killed on November 17 in Memphis, Slim 400 murdered on December 8 in Los Angeles and even more recently, KamNutty, shot on December 10 in Columbus, Ohio, we learn of the death of the Chicago rapper, and member of the crew Only The Family by Lil Durk: ARoy aka A-Roy O’Block. The aspiring artist, in his twenties, who was part of The Mistakes OBlock (author of titles like Welcome To My Neighbourhood, Armed & Dangerous, The Code…), Lived in the poor and violent neighborhood of Park Gardens, nicknamed O’Block, in Chicago. This is wherehe was fatally shot during a fight which was filmed from a window of a building in the city. ARoy was wrestling with a 17-year-old young man (while one of his buddies was engaged in another brawl a few yards away), when suddenly, as he seemed to have gained the upper hand over his opponent and was taking in hindsight, the latter pulled out a Glock and shot him several times, leaving him for dead.

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The spiral of violence

Close to Lil Durk, and his OTF label, and King Von, killed on November 6, 2020, ARoy disappears more than 4 years after TRoy O’Block killed on February 14, 2017 when he was 23 years old or DThang (the brother of Durk) shot dead in June 2020, and joined the long list of dead soldiers (not necessarily rappers for that matter) due to the rivalries that haunt the neighborhoods of Chiraq, and those around Lil Durk. We learned a few hours after the tragedy, that the woman who had filmed the scene broadcast live during a Facebook Live, had been beaten by the residents of the neighborhood, and left unconscious until the police intervened. The video of his beating was also posted on the networks.

ARoy O’Block en interview :