“Amidst the difficulties I took my life in hand”

Valeria Sechi guest of “Today is another day” from Serena Bortone its RaiUno. Valeria Sechi, mother of five, started a new life at 50 becoming model after separation from her husband.

Valeria Sechi, the over 50 model at “Today is another day”

After five years of engagement and 25 of marriage, Valeria Sechi she decided to separate: «I got married – she said – very young and, I thought, very much in love. The problems started right away. I had a man by my side who could not manage difficulties. They confiscated our furniture and to make my children live less heavily, I went to pick them up from school saying that we now had an open-space. We went camping, played football at home … When I turned 50 I went into crisis, I had lived more than I had left to live mathematically. So I decided to take my life in hand, I decided to separate and leave in a very difficult context. Without money, employment and 5 dependent children. I created the conditions, finding a house, a job as a delivery boy and I started rolling up my sleeves ».

Valeria Sechi she then crowned her dream: «Having reached independence I wanted to achieve happiness, my dream of being a model. The first advertisements they offered me were for diapers and dentures, because we are actually slaves to a model. Then things changed, now I also have my own brand. At 56 I live from my profession, I also resigned from my job as a delivery boy ».

To be close to her children: «They are a fuel, not a motivation. We have been through a lot together and I taught him that what makes us a family is to support each other, to encourage each other … ».

Last updated: Wednesday 1 December 2021, 15:53