“An intervention worth 350 thousand euros to get my face back”

A model whose upper lip was ripped off by a pitbull in a horrific attack she underwent a $ 400,000 revolutionary surgery to try to restore her smile. Before the accident, Brooklinn Khoury, 22, from Mission Viejo, California, she was working hard for her modeling career. The skateboarder-turned-influencer was even preparing to shoot her first TV commercial when suddenly everything changed.

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Brooklyn’s face was dramatically altered on November 3, 2020, when she was attacked by a relative’s dog while visiting her family in Arizona. She said the animal “was shaking her head like a toy” and eventually ripped off her entire upper lip and parts of her nose. Now, the 22-year-old has undergone a life-changing surgery, for which she admits she had “very mixed feelings”, due to the long and tiring healing process. She revealed in a YouTube video posted a few days before going under the knife that after the surgery, she will have to have a tube placed in her nose as she would not be able to move her mouth.

The surgery that could save Brooklinn’s smile

What is a skin graft? A skin graft occurs when a flap of skin surgically removed from one area of ​​the body is transplanted or attached to another area. It is often used on burns, areas where an infection has occurred that has caused a large amount of skin loss, skin cancer, or very large wounds. «I am excited to have surgery to start healing and work with this doctor again, but I am also really sad to have to interrupt my life again and somehow heal, and to go through the healing process.»he said in the video.

«Upon exiting the surgery, I will not be able to move my mouth at all, so I must have a feeding tube in my nose. I have to follow a liquid diet. I have to stay in the hospital for five days after the surgery. It’s going to be very tough, so I’m going to need all the prayers I can get». ‘ Brooklinn explained that the “very complex operation” will not make her lip look completely normal. She added: “It won’t look like a perfect lip, it’s just the foundation.” According to the young star, they would take skin and an artery from her arm and put it in her mouth to act as a new lip. She also revealed that it took her over a year to find a doctor willing to work on her face, but it was worth the wait. «They have to take a major artery and take the skin, fold it and put it in my mouth. The artery has to supply blood so they will cut my neck a little and take the artery under my skin and connect it to my lip so that I have the blood flow for the new skin.», has explained.

Last updated: Wednesday 24 November 2021, 10:24