An intimate portrait of Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie before being arrested for alleged narcotics cases : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The entertainment industry is again shocked by the news of the artist’s arrest. The pair of public figures with the initials NR and AB, recently circulated, the pair of public figures, Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie, were reportedly arrested by the police for narcotics abuse cases.

The news of the arrest of the pair of public figures was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus. “I justify (the arrests), NR and AB,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus, Thursday (8/7/2021).

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As is known, both are husband and wife who have been married since April 1, 2010. Now, their marriage is entering the age of 11 years.

Their marriage which has been blessed with three children also looks harmonious and far from oblique gossip. Here are 4 intimate portraits of Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie, summarized from their Instagram page, Thursday.

Casual style when playing golf

On her Instagram, recently Nia Ramadhani seemed to share a photo of the two of them with her husband playing golf. Both are compact casual style but still cool.

Nia wore a black crop polo tee, light blue long pants, and sunglasses, complete with a hat and white golf gloves. Then Ardi looks simple with a polo shirt, shorts, and sneakers. “Golf style 2,” Nia said on her Instagram.

A warm hug on the golf course

Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie

Not long ago, last April, Nia and Ardi celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary. Commemorating this special moment, Nia uploaded a photo of her hugging her husband on the edge of the golf course. “11 years anniversary.. Let’s grow together.. #Alhamdulillah,” wrote the 31-year-old woman.

Have fun while on vacation in Dubai

Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie

At the beginning of 2021 ago, Nia shared a post on vacation with her family in Dubai. One of them when posing cheerfully with her beloved husband. They both looked relaxed in T-shirts and jeans. “Quad biking in the desert! Thank God for another experience that Nia got…” said the actress.

Share cute poses together

Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie

This last style is no less adorable. In this photo, both of them are compact showing funny expressions in front of the camera. Not only that, Nia also shared her version of her version of harmonious marriage tips. “This is one of many wedding tips. Whenever you are wrong, admit it; whenever you’re right, just shut up. Nobody said it would be easy,” Nia wrote in the caption.