Andie MacDowell’s Surprising Mane At The Cannes Film Festival Proving That Gray Hair Is The New Favorite Rejuvenating Trick Of The Famous

We lack hands to applaud
Andie MacDowell. The actress has surprised (for good) to look in
the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival a voluminous mane starring
very striking and visible gray locks. It seems that the Letizia effect
-this is the Queen’s trick to have beautiful gray hair– and the trend for gray hair is spreading and more and more people decide to show off their white locks, hugging and accepting them.
The long gray bob of Carolina de Monaco And now, Andie MacDowell’s curly hair is proof that you don’t have to be afraid of gray hair and that with it you can get a
super rejuvenating skin effect.

The actress has crept into the list of the best dressed of the film festival’s opening ceremony, not only because of her pretty gray dress and body with silver glittery appliques, but also because of
su look beauty. MacDowell chose a simple makeup featuring dark nude lips and a light touch of glitter in the tear duct and
curly hair with a lot of volume that she brought along with her natural gray hair.


Who said fear of gray hair? The 63-year-old actress has shown that you can be perfect with them, as long as
be careful and looking pretty. MacDowell confirmed that it is possible and sported some
lighter strands in the front of her hair and in the bangs, and that they were clarifying towards the lower zone. In the photographs, we have been able to verify that these gray hairs
blended with her natural dark brown that much of her hair still remains.

Neither dyes nor coloring techniques, the actress has posed with her hair as natural as possible and
the result is perfect. Far from betting on a hairstyle that hides or camouflages them, he has preferred to make the best of his hair and has shown off on the red carpet of
a hair that is already the envy of many. ¡Brava!