Anisa Bahar Says Omicron Is Made To Rise: Artists Already Endorsed The Problem: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- singer Anisa Bahar | participated in highlighting the new variant of Covid-19 in Indonesia. He also seemed to offend the artist who was suspected of having been infected with the new variant.

He even said that the Omicron variant was being made popular because it was endorsed by the artist. “It seems that Omicron wants to be made TOP or is on the rise, it’s already endorsed by the artist because wkwkwkk,” wrote Anisa Bahar | on Insta Story, quoted Friday (7/1/2022).

“Hopefully no one gets endorsed by Omicron,” he said again.


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Through her upload, the mother of Jelita and Juwita Bahar also hopes that the news regarding the new variant of Covid-19 can be closed soon. He even hoped that the cases of Doddy Sudrajat and H Faisal could help cover up news related to Covid-19 that made the public restless.

“Hopefully the cases of Pak Doddy and Pak Faisal will be closed, so traders and the public can work as usual, amen #doarakyat Kecil #doarakyatindonesia,” he said.

The post seems to have both pros and cons. The swordsman then deleted the upload.

He then stated that it was not his intention to mention that the Covid-19 omicron variant was intentionally endorsed. However, he only hoped that the new variant would not become big news that troubled the common people.

Anisa Bahar |

“Anyway, where is the disease endorsed, understand the words. Just delete it, instead of bothering with your thoughts everywhere. You say you don’t have a heart, you don’t have empathy for sick people, you don’t connect,” he said.

“It’s better to hear the news from Mr. Doddy and others instead of Omicron, so big news makes it difficult for the little people,” he concluded.