“Anna Giulia you are not Italian, you are mestizo”

Anna Giulia Fossatelli is intent on presenting report to the police. The 18-year-old from Terni, competing in the Miss Italia elections, was insulted on social media because she was considered “not Italian” due to her olive complexion, dark eyes and hair.

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To bring back the comments posted on Instagram by a user, under one of the photos posted by the girl, who has no foreign origin, is Il Messaggero. “Even if you have a Italian surname, you are not Italian, you are a mestizo»,« You are half Arab », or« Enter your country’s competition! » some of the sentences addressed to the young woman.

The young woman declared she wanted to file a complaint: «Not so much for a personal matter, being Italian – she explains -, but for girls that have really foreign origins and that for these facts they can have serious problems. These things must be reported because they cannot happen ».

The young woman received in the last few hours numerous messages of solidarity, including that of the mayor of Terni, Leonardo Latini. «The city – he wrote – feels proudly represented by Anna Giulia Fossatelli, to whom the my full support for the insults received. Sorry to read some idiotic and vulgar comments against him. “

For the Senator of the League Valeria Alessandrini, who insults the young woman “does not deserve any consideration”. “Affection and closeness” are also expressed by the Pd of Terni, according to which the same is “victim of the ignorance and narrow-mindedness of the usual keyboard lions“. As part of the Miss Italia selections, the eighteen-year-old, who is attending the last year of the Tacito classical high school in Terni, won the headband by Miss Sorriso.

Last updated: Wednesday 1 December 2021, 4:09 pm