Antena 3 Does Not Broadcast ‘Mask Singer’ Without Warning And The Networks Explode: “Scam”, “boycott”, “shame” …

‘Mask Singer 2: guess who sings’, one of the star programs of Antena 3, it was not issued on the night of Wednesday June 7th even though it was advertised on the television grill.

The viewers stayed without seeing the gala number 7 of the contest, which was originally scheduled for 10:45 p.m. after ‘El Hormiguero’, in which famous masked men sing and famous researchers have to guess their identities.

The suspension of the broadcast of the program was carried out without prior notice, and instead Antena 3 issued a rehash of the program.

Why was gala 7 of ‘Mask Singer 2’ not aired?

The Eurocup football match that faced England and Denmark, which lasted until extra time on Telecinco, and the subsequent broadcast of ‘Survivors: Nobody’s Land’ on the same chain, was one of the reasons why the broadcast of ‘Mask Singer’.

Antena 3 removed their ‘Mask Singer’ promotions from their social networks

Antena 3, which had announced the broadcast of gala 7 of ‘Mask Singer’ on its social networks, on its website and in the network’s advertisements, deleted the messages from its social networks to promote the new gala of the contest.

What was expected at gala 7 of ‘Mask Singer 2’?

The masked Cocodrilo, Monstruita, Hedgehog, Egg, Banana and Dragon came to gala 7 of ‘Mask Singer: guess who sings’, and it was planned to discover the identity of the masked guest Pingüino.

So far La Toya Jackson, Isabel Preysler, Esperanza Aguirre, Paloma San Basilio, Eva Hache, Josep Pedrerol, Mel B, Mar Flores and José Manuel Calderón are the ones unmasked in Max Singer.

Outrage on social media for the non-broadcast, without prior notice, of Mask Singer 2

After transcending the non-broadcast of the seventh gala of ‘Mask Singer 2: guess who sings’, social networks came to a boil, leaving a good number of Internet users with their complaints about the unexpected suspension.

“This was the lace that was missing to finish burying the program…. what a shame playing with the audience…. Until ever pester get out of hand together with the chain of 5 and you know what you have to do “

“Where is the Mask Singer gala today? Why have we been waiting for 20 minutes and now they rehash this shit? “

“Today you personally have lost a viewer: I’m sorry, normal people get up early and really work. Today is shameful just because of the game “

“What a scam, it starts late and now they repeat performances. Boycott the program! “

“It seems fatal to me what they have done tonight, a shame”

“They don’t want to compete with the Eurocup”

“A damn shame that you do not do a program, but on top of that you laugh at the audience reminding us of the masks with these tweets instead of saying that there is no gala today and apologizing”