Anthony Mackie Y David Harbour Juntos En “We Have A Ghost”

Director horror film stuntman Christopher Landon Direct to We hace a ghost, the latest Netflix proposal that unites two stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Anthony Mackie and David Harbor. Landon has performed on all under the iconic Blumhouse label and this time the script will also be in his charge although his story is Based on a short story by Geoff Manaugh.

In the official Netflix storyline, Kevin and his family find a ghost named Ernest haunting his new home. This overnight makes them all a true social media sensation, but when Kevin himself and the ghost Ernest begin to disobey to investigate Ernest’s past, they become a direct target for the CIA. Also in the cast are Tig Notaro, Jenniffer Coolidge and Jahi Di´Allo. It will be the first time that Anthony Mackie and David Harbor meet, although who knows if they will in turn do it later than ever in the UCM. Let’s remember that Mackie is the new Captain America after the events of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and that Harbor is the adoptive father of Natasha Romanoff, but in the same way he is The Red Guardian, super soldier and communist version of Cap.

But even if Landon is a director specializing in terror, it should be noted that We have a ghost It is not a film of the director’s favorite genre, but it is closer to the family comedy. Manaugh’s short story begins with host Jimmy Kimmel asking his television audience if you want to see a real ghost. That apparition is Ernest, who is called that because the owner of the fall who discovered him says that looks a bit like Ernest Borgnine, one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood who passed away in 2012.

The owner of the house will begin to want to take advantage of the ghost to make money, recruiting Kevin, a boy who is in his last year of high school. Everything will get out of control when they both run away. It is expected that We have a ghost I arrived sometime in 2022.