Anxious to see Rachel Vennya’s behavior, Nikita Mirzani: Why do you dare to lie? : Okezone Celebrity

NIKITA Mirzani responded to Rachel Vennya after clarification on Boy William’s Youtube account. Hearing the words of Niko Al Hakim’s ex-wife, Nikita Mirzani was exasperated or annoyed.

Especially when she heard the reason that came out of Rachel’s mouth that she deliberately did not undergo quarantine because she missed her two children.

In the video, the celebrity and influencer can be heard apologizing and admitting his mistake. In fact, he also said that he had never undergone quarantine after returning from the United States.

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“Wow, @rachelven, if the reason you say you miss your child, the logic is ‘Why don’t you just bring your child to the USA. Why is it your girlfriend who is invited!’,” said Nikita Mirzani in the video caption on her Instagram.

Furthermore, Niki also briefly mentioned Rachel who did not undergo quarantine after returning from a vacation to Dubai some time ago. In fact, he also emphasized that in this world it is not only the 26-year-old woman who has children and has feelings of longing.

“And it’s not only 1 time you haven’t quarantined, but this is already the second time, the one who went to Dubai with your boyfriend and you didn’t quarantine, that’s also the same as not bringing children,” he said.

“In this world, it’s not only you who have children. Those who are in quarantine also have children. I also have Rachel’s child,” he continued.

Hearing Rachel’s clarification in front of Boy William, this mother of three also seemed to feel exasperated. He even asked the authorities to be fair, and not pick and choose which citizens should be punished.

“Duuhhh gustii, how come you live a lot of lies, you put on a sad face again. You say you don’t sleep At the athlete’s house, who is the real person who is really cute?

“Justice must be upheld, right? In this country, if it’s been 2 times there won’t be any sanctions. It means that the law in Indonesia is picky. There is no social justice for all Indonesian people. If it were me, I would have been forced to pick up the same police fathers. Cape deh,” he said.