Anya Taylor-Joy Will Be Participating In A Nosferatu Remake!

Robert Eggers and Anya Taylor-Joy will reunite for a remake of Nosferatu.

Anya Taylor-Joy had an interview with Los Angeles Times where the famous actress revealed that she will meet with the filmmaker Robert Eggers to make a remake of a classic in film history: Nosferatu.

The histrion did not reveal what role he will play within the aforementioned project and the only words he gave about it were related to other of his future works such as the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road Focused on Angry:

“All my friends tell me ‘What are you doing? Take a break.’ But the papers are very good. I couldn’t deal with it if I didn’t say yes. I would not bear it. I’d rather go for it and do my best. ”

The right pair for the project

This project will symbolize the third time that Anya Taylor-Joy and the filmmaker Robert Eggers they will cross their paths, in The Witch (2015) made a joint debut on the big screen and in The Northman -which has its premiere planned on April 8, 2022– We will see them again as a team.

It won’t be the first time Nosferatu have a remake because in 1979 the famous filmmaker Werner Herzog did the same in a film that was rated byr Wendy Ide from The Times What: “A curious mixture: sometimes delusional and exaggerated, other times melancholic, contemplative and strangely beautiful.”

The filmography of Robert Eggers focused on the horror genre seems to indicate that he is the right person to make a new remake of the classic of German expressionism directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, and Anya Taylor-Joy is perceived as an excellent casting choice for the film, where as a personal theory she could serve as the protagonist who is hunted by the fearsome vampire.

Moviegoers and moviegoers, are you excited about Anya Taylor-Joy’s new project?