Appearing Charming, Ghea Indrawari Shares The Filming Process of ‘What Do You Think’ : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– After the success of the single ‘Bucketlist’, Ghea Indrawari again presents a new work to entertain fans. On November 19, 2021, the Top 5 finalists for Indonesian Idol Season 9 released the single ‘You Consider Me What’ under the auspices of HITS Records.

Ghea Indrawari once again showed her songwriting talent in the song ‘You Think What’. In making the lyrics and music for ‘You Think What’, Ghea was also assisted by Andrew Joscha to create beautiful music.


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In contrast to the cheerful atmosphere on ‘Bucketlist’, Ghea chose a darker tone for this new single. ‘What do you think’ expresses feelings of sadness and disappointment towards a relationship. Apparently, the song was inspired by Ghea Indrawari’s personal story, you know! Although the lyrics are sad, Ghea managed to pack the song with catchy rhythms and melodies.

On Thursday (9/12/2021), Ghea Indrawari shared the process of making the video clip ‘You Think What’. In the music video ‘You Think What’, Ghea Indrawari looks very elegant wearing a black dress, Ghea’s acting also managed to captivate the audience.

Not long since it was released, fans have flooded the comments column with support and praise for Ghea Indrawari’s latest single. For those who are already curious about the atmosphere behind the scenes of ‘What do you think’, let’s watch it in full on Ghea Indrawari’s YouTube channel!