Apple disappoints with iPhone 13, violent Squid Game games inspire children, this is the recap ‘

A survey reveals that the iPhone 13 does not arouse the interest of users, children imitate the unhealthy games of the Squid Game series, Nvidia is currently testing Android 11 on its Shield TVs, this is the recap of the day.

The iPhone 13 is not raising the crowds

According to a SellCell survey conducted in the United States with 5,000 participants, 76% of users would not want the new iPhone 13. Among the reasons that push customers not to switch to this new generation, we learn that the users are 29, 3% are waiting for the Touch ID sensor to return, and 19.5% believe that the improvements are not significant enough. Brand loyalty remains quite strong, however, with 36.8% of those surveyed who decided not to upgrade said they were just planning to wait for the next generation iPhone 14.

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Squid Game: children reproduce the dangerous games of the series

Netflix’s Squid Game series continues to unleash passions. In Belgium, the students of several municipal schools had fun imitating the unhealthy games that appeared in the series, reports the Belgian press. “Our students therefore have fun playing 1-2-3 sun-style games (as shown in the series) and the loser or loser receives blows.” Fortunately, no student was injured during these games inspired by Squid Game and the municipal school is committed to taking sanctions against children who will continue to play these violent games. As a reminder, Squid Game is prohibited for children under 18.

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Nvidia is testing Android 11 on Shield TVs

Our colleagues from Android Headlines have revealed that various clues suggest that Nvidia is currently testing Android 11 on its Nvidia Shield. Several users on Reddit also claim to have received an update dubbed “SHIELD Experience 9.0” based on Android 11 for Android TV. According to Android Police, the changes would be mainly “under the hood” in this closed beta, including native support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as well as USB support for the Steam Controller. Performance should be improved, as should microphone support for example. Nvidia has still not communicated about the rollout of Android 11, but participants say the beta program has been running for several weeks.

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