Arbani Yasiz, Kenzo Defras, and Sitha Marino Star in the Latest Drama Series IPA & IPS on GTV : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Arbani Yasiz, Kenzo Defras and Sitha Marino, talented young actors and actresses whose names are popular among young Indonesians today will compete in Amazing Drama GTV, IPA & IPS.

The IPA & IPS drama series written by Putri Azzahra is an adaptation of the best-selling e-novel and has been shown to get a very positive reaction with a readership of more than 12 million people. The cold hands of the producer of the most successful soap opera “Ikatan Cinta” also intervened in the production of IPA & IPS, of course the quality of this drama series will be cool and above average.


– Lutfi Agizal was tense before the marriage contract

– Dorce Gamalama was restless and struggled when she was taken to the hospital

Arbani, Kenzo and Sitha also felt proud and of course happy because they had the opportunity to act in this IPA & IPS drama series.

“I feel really happy because we are trusted to play Drama Series on GTV. The story is very close to the events of today’s teenagers. Moreover, spiced with the romance of our age. So, it will be very interesting to watch it every day at 18.30 WIB starting Monday, October 11, said Arbani Yasiz.

Tells the story of the feud between Rifki (played by Arbani Yasiz), an IPS child who is also the chairman of the student council of SMA 2 Garuda and Aldino (played by Kenzo Defras) an IPA student who vows to be Rifki’s rival and all the IPS children.

Without many knowing, it turns out that Rifki and Aldino were once friends. Michelle (played by Sitha Marino) who is in the middle of a conflict, does not understand why the two can be enemies. Michelle is also determined to find answers to why Rifki and Aldino are enemies.

Lifting a story that is so close to the daily life of Indonesia’s young generation, the stories offered by the IPA & IPS drama series are more than just love and romance for high school children. The conflicts and the thick dynamics of family life make this series worthy of a spectacle enjoyed by all family members.

Combined with the acting prowess of Arbani Yasiz, Sitha Marino and Kenzo Defras, IPA & IPS will give a new color to the GTV drama screen.

“In this pandemic period, for children who are currently in school, they will really miss school, reduce their longing by watching science & social studies series. For those who are already in college and working or have become parents, maybe you can throw back the past by watching the science & social studies series,” said Putri Azzahra again with a smile.

The combination of fierce conflicts, love stories, the dynamics of family life that is delivered with deep appreciation from the acting of Arbani Yasiz, Kenzo Defras to Sitha Marino is guaranteed to keep you entertained and of course baper.

Look forward to the IPA & IPS drama series, starting October 11, airing every day at 18.30 WIB only on GTV. Follow the TikTok account and Instagram @officialgtvid to get complete info, the latest updates and interesting content. The IPA & IPS drama series program can also be watched on the RCTI+ application or at