Arbani Yasiz Until Sitha Marino Will Compete in Acting in IPA & IPS Drama on GTV : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Having a vision as the best television choice for Indonesian families, makes GTV want to continue to provide interesting and educational shows for the public to watch. One of them is to make the television station the pride of the Indonesian people as the home of drama.

On Monday, October 11, 2021, GTV will present a new teen drama series, which is definitely interesting to watch. Moreover, the drama entitled IPA & IPS is based on the Wattpad novel by Putri Azzahra Haryanto alias Chachaii, which has been read by approximately 12 thousand people.

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“GTV’s new breakthrough is to add a series of programs to become a home of drama,” said Miftahoel Huda, as GTV Programming, in a virtual press conference session held on Friday (10/8/2021).

“Seeing the positive response from viewers, we believe in broadcasting a drama series entitled IPA and IPS, which is an adaptation of a novel that has been read by more than 12 million people, on October 11.

In the series, which will air starting October 11, 2021, at 18.30 WIB, Arbani Yasiz, Sitha Marino, and Kenzo Defras will compete in acting and package IPA & IPS novels in an even more interesting way. Bani is known to play Rifki, a student council president who is good at basketball and who comes from social studies class, Sitha as Michelle, a transfer girl from Bandung who is a hard worker, while Kenzo will play Aldino, a rich science student who is Rifki’s rival.

Being chosen to play the character Rifki, Bani felt it was something she should be grateful for. Moreover, Sitha Marino feels that her life is very related to Michelle’s character.

“If I’m honest, I’m really happy, because the story is interesting and unique. Moreover, this is a youth genre and it’s really fun. The characters are fun too,” said Bani in a press conference session.

“The story relates to me. Because it was adapted from a very viral novel,” said Sitha.