Ardhito Pramono Arrested, Auto Trending Topic : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Wednesday, January 12, 2022, a well-known young film actor and musician, Ardhito Pramono, was arrested by the police for a drug abuse case.

When confirmed, the West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol Ady Wibowo confirmed the arrest.

“Yes, that’s right, his party has just secured a public figure, a feature film actor, songwriter and singer,” said Pol Kombes Ady Wibowo, Wednesday, 12/1/2022.

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The news of the arrest of the hit singer has immediately spread widely and quickly in various news and social media, one of which is the Twitter timeline.

From the monitoring of MNC Portal Indonesia, Wednesday (12/1/2022) on social media timelines, the name Ardhito Pramono immediately occupied the top Trending Topic Twitter timeline in Indonesia with almost 2000 real-time tweets.

Several netizens said they were shocked by the news of Ardhito Pramono’s arrest.

“Ardhito Pramono, drugs? Eh, really surprised,” said the account @Na**ils

“Wtffff Ardhito Pramono…. Seriously????,” exclaimed a netizen who owns an account named @May**pp

“Why Ardhito Pramono whyyyyyyy,” commented @Yourmu***iin

Meanwhile, according to information from the Head of the Narcotics Unit at the West Jakarta Metro Police, AKBP Danang Setiyo, Ardhito was arrested by the police while at his private home.

“We secured it at his residence in the East Jakarta area,” said AKBP Danang Setiyo.