Ardhito Pramono’s Activities Before Arrested by Police: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The public was shocked by the news that the police had arrested the musician with the initials AP, namely Ardhito Pramono. This news has been confirmed by the Head of Drugs at the West Jakarta Metro Police AKBP, Danang Setiyo.

“Yes (Ardhito Pramono),” said West Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Head AKBP Danang Setiyo to reporters, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

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As a result, netizens immediately highlighted the actor’s and musician’s Instagram account. One of the highlights was the last upload of Ardhito Pramono’s Instagram Story.

The star of the film Story of Kale: When Someone’s in Love was seen in a Japanese-style cafe with music so loud. The lighting with Japanese-style lanterns makes the cafe feel a little dark. In the statement, Ardhito said that there would be a DJ appearance in the cafe.

“Tonight the dj-set is together…. you already know who it is,” he wrote in his Instagram Story.

After being traced, it seems that Ardhito Pramono himself will be the DJ that night. On Monday (11/1/2022), Ardhito appeared at a Japanese restaurant in the South Jakarta area. This can be seen from a poster uploaded by the cafe account listed in Ardhito’s Instagram Story upload.

Ardhito Pramono is currently still under intensive investigation after being arrested. Until this news was published, the details regarding the case that ensnared Ardhito were not yet known. Including, what evidence was confiscated during the arrest.