Ari Lasso 3 times chemotherapy, bald like Ahmad Dhani and Deddy Corbuzier: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ari Lasso reported his current condition after undergoing chemotherapy for the third time. As we all know, the former Dewa 19 frontman had told that he was suffering from lymphoma cancer.

Through his Instagram social media, Ari Lasso uploaded a portrait of himself wearing a kind of hat on his head.

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“Dare to post. It’s been the 3rd chemo, it’s half way through, of course, because of God’s participation and your prayers and support,” said Ari Lasso, quoted from his photo caption, Tuesday (11/16/2021).

After undergoing chemotherapy, Ari Lasso said that he was now bald like his three friends, namely Ahmad Dhani, Deddy Corbuzier, and Anji. Indeed, one of the effects of chemotherapy is hair loss.

Even so, the 48-year-old musician is optimistic that his long hair will return again. “Yes, I’m already bald like @ahmaddhaniofficial @mastercorbuzier @duniamanji, but I’m sure I can still grow n long again,” he wrote.

Suddenly, Ari Lasso’s post was flooded with comments. Many gave support to prayers for the singer of the song ‘Secret of Women’.

“Get well soon my idol masku,” said Rian D’Masiv in the comments column.

“So.. BISMILLAH healed and healthy again missnnnnnn so,” commented Anang Hermansyah.

“Keep cool kotz … spirit,” wrote Judika.

“Healthy spirit yooo…. GBU,” said Yuni Shara in the comments column.

“Get well soon, my idol, my dear. Later, you will enter the Gunawan Club, bald and charming,” commented Anji.

“Thank you for the prayers, friends, love u full!!! God will repay,” said Ari Lasso, closing his photo caption.