Ariel NOAH Takes Years to Create My Woman’s Song, Because of Luna Maya? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAAriel Noah revealed that it took him years to be able to compose a song. He even said this while talking to Rossa on his Youtube account.

On that occasion, Ariel also had time to answer questions related to the figure that must exist every time he creates a song. Even according to him, if the figure does not exist, the lyrics of the song he made will feel lacking.

“From experience, it’s better (for songs) if there is (real figure). So there is experience, in the past there must have been a direct person. So there are people who think about, there are like that,” explained Ariel

“For example, if you want to make a story like this, but you don’t like it, it’s like we have deep feelings for someone, but if it’s imaginary, you don’t have a face, you can’t. So you really have to find someone to help,” he continued.

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The song entitled My Woman became one of the songs that the father of one child worked on for a long time. This apparently happened because Ku aka the woman who inspired Ariel in making songs and albums was absent, so he finally asked Pongki Barata for help to finish making the song.

“The ‘ku’ is the longest,” said Lukman Noah who was greeted by Rossa with a laugh.

“Oh yes, it’s true, so the search for the word ‘Ku’ is what (makes it long),” continued Rossa.

“It’s deep. The woman is everywhere, but my woman isn’t everywhere. I’m the one who takes a long time,” Ariel explained.

Although according to the search site, the song was created since 2017, in fact Luna Maya had leaked the lyrics of the song when she was still dating Ariel in 2009, and when her ex was still with Peterpan. When performing at Strikes, Luna was even asked by Raffi and the late Olga Syahputra to bring a fragment of the lyrics of a song composed by Ariel and only released in 2019.

Ariel Noah

“You want to say hello here, the person doesn’t hear, the person is still sleeping. Sleeping in Bandung, last time I finished the song, let’s go to sleep,” said Luna when an audience left their greetings to Ariel.

“What’s the song like? Yes, how about the song, don’t mess it up,” said Raffi and Olga.

“What are you looking for my woman, what are you looking for,” answered Luna in 2009.