Arts, Letters And Action: Mel Gibson’s New Temptation

There is a popular adage that only man stumbles over the same stone twice, and Mel Gibson seems to do so with the media. He was previously crucified for his film Passion of Christ, in which, according to a section of the Hebrew community, he showed anti-Semitic demonstrations. The same happened when, arrested for driving while intoxicated, he declared that the Jews were responsible for all wars. Gibson is an actor who is fully in his old age, so he is far from being that Scottish hero of his film Brave Heart. Denounced for domestic violence, his name is on the list of the most resounding cancellations in Hollywood. Bizarre in his public projection, always in the pillory of the tabloid and frivolous press, this filmmaker has embarked on a project that directly collides with the powers that harassed him until now: it is a film where he undresses the Rothschild family, the Jewish bankers who since the 18th century have influenced world politics by creating a financial empire that controls most of the commercial activity in the world.

The film began production in September 2021 and addresses the story of a bastard son of the family patriarch. Said protagonist seeks recognition and therefore become the heir to the incalculable fortune. Almost immediately, the Fact Cheking sites of Facebook and the globalist technology conglomerate have come to classify as a “lie” that this project is going to be carried out. At the same time, the level of media rejection and lynching of Mel Gibson, who is brought to light by events from previous decades, increased to tarnish his image. The monster of the culture of cancellation is activated with full force, making use of labels that condemn and silence, those that label the filmmaker as anti-Semitic, reactionary, misogynistic, abusive. Apparently no one is saved from the imposition of a single thought, promoted through social networks, which are the medieval pulpit of these days.

Mel Gibson in his directorial role in Passion of Christ

But why say that the project will not be carried out? What is behind the matrix launched by the facts cheking sites on Facebook? As seen in the most recent leak about said social network, the danger that Zuckerberg’s company implies for democracy includes not only the harm to the youngest or the promotion of hatred as a stronger interaction that generates greater profits. monetary. The network is capable of situating false narratives, canceling others that threaten its interests. Thus, important phenomena of mass culture and politics are born and grow through Facebook and jump into real life. The leak itself addresses how even political parties have had to use the most virulent hate speech, because that is how algorithms impose it on them. This would be generating a digital proto-fascism, a change in the way politics is understood, whose bias is not an accident or a coincidence, but with clear intentions to overthrow democracy as an agora of debates and peaceful confrontation between diverse ideas. Canceling a movie, denying even that such a project ever existed, shows the level of arrogance and power that Facebook amasses in the face of large consumer audiences.

The Rothschilds are the regents of important global organizations that integrate the financial elite such as the Council Of Foreign Relations (CFR) that they founded together with the Rockefellers. The media power, concentrated in its hands, has managed to classify as “conspiracy theories” any complaint that stands out and endangers the unequal distribution of wealth, which is based on the loan of more than three centuries at the hands of this Rothschild family. In such a way, the system cancels all criticism, paralyzes and silences it, disappears it. Since the twentieth century, the media have implemented a brainwashing in which millionaires are not millionaires thanks to plundering capitalism, but because they “are workers” who “generate wealth and jobs”, whose overflowing fortune overflows and reaches up to the masses in the form of philanthropic aid, for scholarships for studies and entrepreneurship.

It is logical that any product for the masses that questions the established order will be boycotted. Gibson revived, with his film about Christ, the theatricalizations of the Passion that were common in the Middle Ages and that many times generated in people a wave of anti-Jewish sentiment. The Zionist lobby did not forgive him. Later, although the filmmaker wanted to ingratiate himself with a film about the Maccabees, he continued the lynching with the themes of gender, drink and violence. Now, apparently, he returns to the path facing the powers that harass him. The Rothschilds not only own the world banking, but they promoted and financed the creation and development of the State of Israel, as we know on the basis of the expulsion and death of the peoples who originally occupied Palestine. This potentate family maintains strong ties with the most fundamentalist current of Israeli Zionism and has set up important cultural projects to increase Hebrew nationalism, such as libraries, study centers, temples and other facilities of that nature. For this reason, we can speak of a revitalization of the conflict between the Christian West and Judaism, regarding the film in which Gibson himself acts as the protagonist.

Gibson stars as rebellious Willian Wallace in his film Braveheart

Cinema is an instrument of power, capable of creating imaginaries that become real actions. Not only are matrices exhibited and implanted, but control is exercised over the masses. A recent leak claimed that the Pentagon had written a large number of scripts for Hollywood, in order to increase propaganda over the past century. Although the networks have displaced the cinema, we are still talking about media with a general and forceful impact in the world. Mel Gibson, in addition, has become a kind of plague after he revealed a secret ritual carried out by the great figures of the industry, which consists of drinking the blood of dead children. As he says, it is a magical mechanism that ensures success, profit, power and professional victory over enemies.

Mel Gibson is one of the key figures in the industry, turned outsider who answers and tries to rebel against the system. It is very difficult for him, because his wealth will never exceed that of those who constitute the effective power behind the false power. It will be necessary to see what directions the tape takes that, for now, is titled RothchildWithout the middle “s”, a literary license to evade the real name of the family involved? Everything that can be said about the masters of the bank is opaque, murky, but what there is certainty is about their canceling reach, about the lynching that they could exert on anyone who threatens them. Perhaps if the film does not address core issues, but focuses on the family plot, they will let it pass. No one doubts that, in a world ruled by interests, even Mel Gibson’s very brave heart has a price.