Ashanty’s Confession Was Rocked by Earthquake during Quarantine in Hospital: I was so scared, I screamed at the nurse : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAAshanty admitted that he was afraid when he felt an earthquake centered in Banten with a magnitude of 6.7, on Friday, January 14, 2022. Moreover, he was currently undergoing quarantine at one of the hospitals in the Bintaro area, which is part of the Banten Province.

“Oh my God, so that was the earthquake, right, we can’t get out of covid anymore, right, then because I was really scared, I shouted that to the nurse,” said Ashanty to Azriel Hermansyah on The Hermansyah A6 YouTube channel, quoted on Sunday (16/1/2022).


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Feeling worried about the earthquake, the nurse finally gave instructions to Ashanty to prepare to wear his mask. But not long after, the earthquake actually stopped.

“Yes, I’m ready to wear masks, ma’am, she said. Uh, I want to prepare masks to stop the earthquake,” he continued.

Ashanty admitted that Friday’s earthquake was the first time he felt an earthquake with a long duration. He was also very scared because he was alone in the room.

“This new mother has felt an earthquake all this time, Iel, it really seems like it’s been a long time,” said Ashanty.

However, Ashanty is still grateful that the earthquake has stopped. He also hoped that there would be no more aftershocks the next day.

BMKG itself said that the earthquake occurred at around 16.05 WIB. The public is advised not to worry because the earthquake does not have the potential for a tsunami.

“There has been an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7, 120 km southwest of LEBAK-BANTEN, time of the earthquake: 14-Jan-22 16:05:41 WIB, this earthquake has no TSUNAMI potential,” wrote the BMKG source.